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Get Paid To Talk … Really?

August 7th, 2016

The invention and now the advancements of the internet has meant that more people are now working from home than ever before; the opportunities are endless from writing to marketing, from selling to voiceovers. If you have never heard working from home whilst doing voiceovers, it may be an option you want to start looking into.

In the past, doing voiceovers was a job for celebrities because brands like to use voices that are familiar as they think it will have a greater impact on the audience. However, as we have said already, times are changing and there are now more businesses in the world and voiceovers aren’t just used for TV adverts. For this reason, there is a real opening for people to make a living (or at least make some extra money) using something that everyone has; their voice.

This is a great profession for those who don’t want to fall into the 9-5 working life from now until they retire as well as people who need to be at home like mothers, for example; this is a great way to take the financial stress away and potentially remove the burden off partners. On the other hand, it can just be a fun career path if you are particularly talented with your voice and accents.

With VOGenesis, people are learning exactly how to use their voice to make a living; one misconception that should be crushed right away is the thought that ‘oh, I won’t be able to make any money because I don’t like my voice’ as this is silly. VOGenesis teaches you how to start your voiceover career; of course, this isn’t easy but with some hard work and determination you can make it happen as thousands already have. One positive that has been said of this program is that it doesn’t promise to make you a millionaire in days as others do but it says honestly that if you are willing to work hard, you can do this for a living.

You will learn; how to set up your equipment, how to start with a small budget, all about the voiceover industry, how to look after your voice, how to enter the market, and much more. VOGenesis allows you to create a life that is free in that you can set your own working times, build your career around your family, earn your own living, and work free from anyone looking over your shoulder. If this all sounds good to you, it may be worth a little look as it could change your life.

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