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How to Succeed in Your Business

January 14th, 2017

Every year, the world of selling changes because there is more competition and a greater transparency within the market. Nowadays, being a good seller isn’t enough because you might not even be seen in amongst the large crowds of people looking to sell. Today, the art of selling comes from finding what your customers need.


In today’s world, there is a saying that suggests buyers are ‘bought not sold’ which essentially means that you need to offer a solution to a problem that already exists within the market. However, you cannot do this until you know how your customers buy products and why they do so.


If you do some research and find that there is a need within the market, your work still isn’t done because there is a huge difference between an implied need and an explicit need.


Implied Need – For a need to be implied, this is something that you would like to fix at some point in the future.


Explicit Need – On the other hand, this is a need that is required as soon as possible.


When a need is implied, you aren’t happy that it exists but it isn’t urgent; we tend to say ‘it would be  nice’ to have the problem fixed. With an explicit need, it is something that we simply need and, in terms of a product, this would be a must-have product. When a product is developed without actually finding the explicit needs of the market, it will be a waste of time and it will just end up frustrating the customer.


Furthermore, we have all been in the situation where you are just browsing a shop only for the sales rep to come up and start talking at 100 miles per hour about all the different features that you can use. Most of the time, these are features that we don’t need, we get frustrated, and we leave. Instead, you will need to assess problems, find one that is explicit, and then come up with a solution that is sold in the way that customers want to buy.