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Pinterest as a Revenue Booster?

May 12th, 2017

Many people think of Pinterest as a social media site where users exchange recipes, funny memes and fashion tips. Well … think again!

Pinterest enjoys a huge membership—active user base and marketers who want to tap into that traffic should maintain a presence on the social media giant. To do so, consider the following benefits of and strategies.

A Picture Is Still Worth a Thousand Words … and More!

What do people look for when they want to purchase a new product? They want a visual. Pinterest is an almost entirely visual social media channel. Instead of people sharing brief updates in text format (as with Twitter) or a multimedia montage of random thoughts, videos, and image (as with Facebook), Pinterest is almost exclusively for images.

Showcase some of your finer offers on Pinterest. Let people see what you have to offer, spark their appetites and they’ll contact you when the need arises. Keep in mind that you won’t be alone if you decide to use Pinterest for marketing purposes. Take some time to see what other, similar companies are doing on Pinterest so you can emulate effective strategies.

It’s Free Marketing!

As with other social media sites, you want to engage your followers in a way that encourages them to share your images with their followers. And, if those people like what they see, they’ll share it with their followers, and so on. So Pinterest is a great way for people who enjoy your visuals to build brand awareness for you.

A Presence on Pinterest is Sustainable

As with anything else posted on the Internet, Pinterest pins will stay online forever unless someone intentionally deletes them.

However, Pinterest is far superior to other social media channels when considering the active lifespan of a pin. The active lifespan of a tweet is about 24 minutes. The active lifespan of a post on Facebook is 90 minutes. The active lifespan of a pin is three and a half months!

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media channels out there. Be sure that your business has a presence there so that you can boost your brand awareness, increase your traffic and your revenues!