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Affiliate Marketing – One Day is All It Takes

December 20th, 2016

In life, it is easy to fall into the same old routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, eating, and then going right back to bed again. Jeremy Palmer once went through this exact feeling but he is now a millionaire through affiliate schemes alone.

Going back to before the big change, Jeremy was a web developer and lived the same life we described above. Of course, he dreamed of a better life but continued in this same routine that attracts millions of people each and every year. Soon enough, he was fed up and decided to take action by opening his own business. Over time, he built many websites for local businesses and ran an e-commerce site but the big breakthrough didn’t come.

However, he then discovered affiliate marketing. As a part of their internet marketing strategy, his company had introduced an affiliate scheme. At first, he didn’t fully understand how it worked because the idea was still relatively new so he just kept an eye on its progress. Through this program, some of the affiliates who had signed up to the program started earning thousands of dollars. Instantly, his attention had been drawn and he was surprised to find out that all they had to do was refer visitors from their own website and this was making them money. More intrigued than ever before, he decided to do more research.

Sometimes, there are points in your life that can be considered ‘life changing’ and this was one of these moments for Jeremy. Not only was his company running this program, there were also huge names like Amazon, Walmart, and Dell running the same thing. Through this process, the affiliate didn’t have to sell, package, deliver, or even get involved in the ordering process. Instead, all they had to do was advertise on behalf of the company and get people to click on the link; commission would then be earned from sales that came from that link.

Immediately, he decided to try it and was earning more money through affiliate schemes than through his day job in just two months. In six months, his earnings for his day job were half as much as the affiliate earnings so he quit his job and expanded his affiliate business. Within just 24 months, Jeremy became a millionaire.

In total, he now owns around 100 sites all promoting various products or services from numerous affiliate schemes. Within the industry itself, he is admired and seen as a leader. In fact, he has even received accolades including the innovation award from Commission Junction. Now, he doesn’t have to live that boring lifestyle and get stuck in the standard routine of life.