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How To Make a Living Doing Voiceovers

September 16th, 2016

If you have seen the recent craze about making a living from doing voiceovers, you may be wondering how it all works but do not fear as we can explain. Previously, voiceovers for TV adverts and films were reserved for celebrities so it was hard for anyone without a reputation to enter. However, as the internet as expanded and there are now more methods of communication, the barriers are being removed and people are making the most of their voice.

Firstly, being a voiceover artist is a career that can be started at home and providing you have the right technology, can be a home business which is why it has attracted so much attention. A common misconception is that you cannot make a real career and earn sufficiently to survive but there are a number of cases that suggest otherwise. The main examples can be seen in the thousands of people that are doing it right now but even back in the day, Meg Ryan and Amanda Bynes both made a career which started in voiceovers in cartoon films. If these two managed to do it when it was hard, imagine the success you can have now there are more opportunities as well as more materials to help.

When it comes to help, the most-popular option is VOGenesis as it gives proper training and allows readers to not only learn how to get into the market but also how the market works. VOGenesis teaches you how to start working from your own home, how to enter the market and start competing with more experience artists, how to look after your voice for your work, and more. Ultimately, VOGenesis wants to get you to the point where you have to reject work because you have too much because if this is the case, it means that you are comfortably making a living and you don’t have to go back to a boring 9-5 job.

Furthermore, VOGenesis doesn’t just help you to start up but it also teaches you how to grow too which means that you will learn how to start charging more per gig as well as how to market yourself properly. One common worry when starting in the industry is not knowing how much to charge and this is important because if you don’t get it right, you could end up being laughed at and turned down or even working for much less than you deserve.

If you want to work from home to help with your family or even just because you want to lead that life, take a look at VOGenesis today to find out more about what it involves. Don’t make the mistake of instantly dismissing this option because thousands of people are now working from home as voiceover artists and you could be next.

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