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Create Your Money Machine with Two Tier Affiliate Programs

October 22nd, 2016

Becoming an affiliate for a big company is always an exciting time because it opens the door for a steady stream of revenue. As long as you have good content on your website, the commission you earn will start to make the whole business venture worthwhile. However, there are now ways to make it even more worth your time through a system called ‘Two Tier Affiliate Programs’. With these, you can sign up ‘sub-affiliates’ who will also be allowed to earn commission from sales via specific links. However, you will also earn a percentage of money earned by each second tier affiliate.

With this in mind, you could become an affiliate for a company and earn the normal commission. Then, you could get a second tier affiliate signed up and you would also receive a percentage of their commission because you introduced them to the program. When looking for ways to earn money, this is a fantastic method because this second tier affiliate requires very little effort on your part. Ultimately, they are doing the hard work for you because they will be looking to increase their revenue too.

Also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), the program allows you to sign up as the main affiliate and first tier for you to then encourage others to join you. Years ago, there used to be third, fourth, fifth, and more tiers but this isn’t seen as an effective tool for either party any longer so you will not normally find more than two tiers. Nowadays, affiliate programs are huge business because both parties benefit and affiliates can freely move around looking for the best commission percentages and the best opportunities to earn.

Although we said that it is good to earn money because the second tier affiliate will do all the hard work, you have to be careful because this shouldn’t be relied upon; you will still have to work hard. Ultimately, you want to pick a program that offers not only a high commission but also a handful of other useful extras such as real-time tracking, advertising tools that have been proven to work, high quality and popular products, and an overall satisfaction from previous affiliates. In addition to this, you should also compare visitors-to-sales conversion rates between different programs and see where you would benefit the most.

When deciding which program to go for, you should always test the site and consider the experience for your visitors. When sending your visitors to an external site, they are trusting your judgement so will be frustrated if the site is slow or tricky to use. To complement this, you should also have access to an abundance of statistics that will allow you to see just how many people are clicking on the link and how long they are staying for. Once you have found a first-rate affiliate program, you will keep that trust with your viewer/readership and clicking on the link will just be an extension of their positive experience. Assessing the way in which you are paid is also important because whilst some will offer a good commission, others prefer to focus on payment through the performance of second-tier affiliates.

As a Business – So far, we have discussed what to consider as someone looking for a program but what if you’re a company looking to sign up some affiliates? Firstly, you will want to decide whether to go for a one or two tier program. Whilst they both have their benefits, let’s take a look at the good points of a two tier program as this is the topic of our discussion.

Mainly, you will see an increased profit because the first tier affiliates will essentially be looking for or setting up more affiliates for you; of course, this will lead to sales you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Soon enough, you will have a whole host of sub-affiliates advertising your product or service from just a handful of primary affiliates.

Summary – Whether you are looking to become an affiliate or are looking for a program to join, two tier systems are widely seen as the best so be sure to go down this route. After joining, you will soon see the benefits!