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How To Promote Your Website on a Budget

October 9th, 2017

With low-cost website promotion, there are two main processes to which you need to pay attention; search engine submission and ranking. For all products and services you offer, you need to grab the attention of the audience and these two features should allow for this both now and long into the future.


Nowadays, anybody in the world can start a website and sell their own product/service to a particular audience. For this reason, marketing is now harder than ever because everybody is using low-cost promotion to get their name into the world. However, not many do this promotion well and see results that ensures the continued return of consumers over a period of weeks or even months.


If your efforts so far have been rewarded in terms of traffic, we applaud your work and hope it continues for some time to come. If your efforts have not been rewarded and you’re struggling for any traffic at all, we have some advice for you today which could help if you lack the foundation of information you need to succeed. For those without business experience, it can be tough to advertise successfully but you should have a stronger idea after reading this guide.


Search Engine Submission – As mentioned, this is one half of the magic formula and it relies upon filing the right information and making your information available for search engines. Nowadays, there are actually two ways this can be done; automatically and manually. If you’re looking to save as much money as possible, automatic submission could be the solution you need because all your information is forwarded to other search engines as soon as you file it. With a manual submission, the timeframe is extended and it could lead to a costlier experience.


Search Engine Ranking – In the other half of the formula, we have ranking and this is the position at which your result shows after a simple search. Depending on the search engine, they’ll have their own unique formula of how to rank pages according to links, keywords, tags, and many others. The higher up the rankings you go, the cheaper your promotion gets because your mindset switches to ‘maintain’ rather than ‘climb’.


Summary – If you wanted more low-cost website promotion tips, you could also take advantage of section sponsorship, banner advertising, text links, and classified ads. With banner advertisements, these will pop up at the top and bottom of other websites. With section sponsorship and text links, you may have to pay slightly more but the rewards will be greater.


All things considered, we recommend testing the market to see what works for your niche. Ultimately, there will never be an easier day to climb the rankings and promote your business than today. With competition growing, it’s only getting harder so find an effective low-cost promotion tool today and stick with it!