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7 Steps to a Winning Combination of Passion and Profit

March 5th, 2017

If you have been thinking about leaving your job and working from home in recent times, you aren’t alone. Today, more people have home-based income businesses than ever before so you would be right to research whether it is a viable choice for you. Initially, it is easy to feel a little demotivated about your chances because friends question the decision and wonder why you would ever leave a job with secure income. However, the will to start a home-based career is one that is based on a deep desire and sometimes there is just no stopping any of us. If you feel like you need more from life and are fed up of having a boss breathing down your neck, now is the time to take the jump.

At first, it will seem very scary so how do you create a positive working environment? How can you stay inspired to fulfil your dream and earn a wage that allows you live whilst you work at home? In truth, the main factor you need if you are to succeed is simple – purpose. Below, we have seven easy-to-follow steps that you can take to start your home-based career.

Vision and Mission – Before you do anything else, think about an inspiring vision and mission for your business. Of course, you don’t just want to fall into ‘another boring job’ so what inspires you? What is it that inspires you and will motivate you to get up every morning and open the laptop? At first, you might say ‘money’ but you have to look deeper than this. For example, you might desire a certain lifestyle that can be achieved when you work from home.

When you work in the city or in the rat race for a number of years, you end up spending more time in the office than anywhere else. Do you want to have a lifestyle that sees you work 25 hours a week and then spend time with your family for the rest? When you are laying on the death bed, as morbid as this sounds, you aren’t going to remember the times you spent at work so now is the time to enjoy life.

From here, you can set up your vision for the business. When you finally reach the end goal or your definition of success, what does it look and feel like? Will you be sitting in a beach house somewhere with your family by your side or will you just have enough money to put your children through college comfortably? What does the word ‘success’ mean for you and your business?

Use Your Passions – When deciding to work at home, many people jump into the first business they consider but this will never work unless there is passion behind the idea. If you don’t feel passionate about your business, why should anyone else feel the same? As we said earlier, now is the time to do the things you love so what do you enjoy? If you have spent years in an office hating every minute, use this to find a business that you have passion for. Although this may take some time, it will be completely worth the effort; even if you need to discover a hidden talent.

As soon as you find what you were supposed to do, the universe will provide you with the resources to be successful. At first, you might be wondering how this is done but it just takes some time by yourself. When you sit down and ask yourself some serious questions, you will soon find the answers required.

Bigger Than Yourself – When starting a home-based income business, some people make the mistake of not shooting high enough but you should be aiming to affect the world in some way. Can you imagine how it would feel to pass the baton on to someone else after retiring knowing that your business has impacted the world? Of course, this is overwhelming right now before you have started your business but this should be your ultimate goal. If you manage to find a solution to a common problem, customers will pay you for it and you will get to know their hopes and desires at the same time. During their short time on this earth, you will be making it easier by providing a superb product or service.

How? This all sounds fantastic but how is your business going to impact the world? To start, you can assess the needs of the people around you to see how you can make their lives easier. If you could play a small role in every life in the community, you will soon start to see the opportunities that surround you. Whether you want to help them make money, get around town, get cheap insurance, or whatever it may be. At all times, you need to have a goal that is bigger than yourself.

Business Plan – At this stage, you should be well on your way to deciding your passions and goals. Now, you need to get this down on paper. Because you know your starting point and your end goal, you need to have a plan that will get you from A to B successfully. Whilst creating this business plan, it needs to remain consistent with your beliefs and values. If you have decided that you want to spend more time with loved ones, you shouldn’t be looking into a plan that takes up sixteen hours of your day.

Throughout the process, you will need to make sacrifices but they should be short-term sacrifices for a brighter future. As long as you know what you’re giving up, you know what you’re going to see in return later. As long as you build the business and the plan in line with your own values, you are more likely to be consistent and see the idea through to success.

Give Money – If you have heard of Anne Frank, you will know of her story and, of course, her world-famous diary. Within this diary, she said that giving has never made anyone poor. Therefore, take a small percentage of your profit and give it to your favorite local non-profit organization. Whether it helps the young people in your community or even the elderly, you can find your passion and help them out every now and then.

As soon as you start to help others, you will be motivated to work hard in your business because you know that you are doing some good. When working for a huge corporation, you don’t know where the profits are going but you have control of this when you work at home. Once you see the smiles on faces after contributing, it is hard to not get addicted to the practice.

Lend a Hand – If you aren’t yet making enough profit to survive and give to charity, it isn’t all about the money. For example, there might be someone at the bottom of the ladder looking up to you for advice. Because you will have been through the process, there is no reason why you can’t become a coach or a mentor to these people. If you find that there is a real demand for it, you could even set up a local class in the community.

Create a Community – Over the years, you will have an opportunity to start a community of people doing well in life. With you and many others all committed to one goal, you will move as a unit and the effects can be quite remarkable. With this in mind, you need to connect with friends, family, colleagues, competitors, and customers alike. Let’s not forget, your business is going to make an impact in life so why not enlist others to help?

In recent years, for example, we have seen the explosion of the greeting card industry. According to a report, the CEO of one of the biggest card companies had a very good reason to go into the business. Sadly, he forgot to say goodbye to his brother when he moved away. After the move, he tragically got a phone call to say that his brother had died. Immediately, he was filled with inspiration to build a company that helped people to act on promptings. Now, there is no chance that anyone will forget someone because of the availability of cards. Over time, he had a passion and a commitment to impact the world with his business and create a community with purpose.

Conclusion – Rather than creating a business that sees you fall into the same old traps you fell into with the last job, why not make a different to everyone else’s life as well as your own? As long as you have passion and follow the tips above, you will have a winning combination. When you work from home and make it a success, it really is a rewarding feeling!