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Freelance Writing – Getting Started and Finding the Right Jobs

June 18th, 2017

So you have decided to start a WAHM writing business and all is going well, but then you realize you don’t have a clue how to find writing assignments. If you are nodding along to this, you aren’t alone as thousands go through it every single year. Luckily, the internet has a plethora of options for you and today we have some advice on how to find the right jobs to get your business going.

Types of Web Writing – First and foremost, we should note that you need to decide exactly what type of writer you are; ‘there’s a choice?’. At first, this might sound a little confusing but some workers insist on credit for all work and start a career towards journalism whilst others are what we call ‘ghostwriters’ which means writing on behalf of someone else with no credit at the end.

Over the years, ghostwriting has become the go-to selection here because there are far more opportunities available. When you insist on a byline, you will find jobs eventually but there won’t be as many opportunities as you find as a ghostwriter. Nowadays, you will find numerous article and blog post writing gigs and this is because they are in demand. Every year, thousands of businesses are making the jump online and they need help writing high-quality blog posts and this is where you come in.

With SEO only growing in importance, even small businesses are realizing that they need to utilize keywords and text-based content in order to improve their ranking on search engines. In today’s busy world, business owners would much rather be concentrating on growing their business than writing an article so there are now plenty of jobs available for writers.

Getting Started – At first, most writers start with the basics which means a laptop and an internet connection. Eventually, you are likely to build your own website but this is far from ‘absolutely necessary’ at the very start. When you’re building a reputation, you will still get jobs without a website so don’t panic about this just yet.

Most commonly, people fall into content writing naturally and this is where you write a blog post on a certain topic. For example, a local gardening business may want to provide tips on planting flowers throughout the year. Typically around 400-1000 words long, these short articles need to be engaging and they act as an introduction to a brand. However, they are intentionally focused towards teaching the reader something new rather than selling. When it comes to selling, this is called ‘copywriting’ which includes sales letters, emails, marketing eBooks, and more.

Building a Reputation – Today, reputation counts for a good amount and this is why you need to be professional with every single interaction you have. Additionally, your writing should tick the boxed laid out by the client and you should be proud of every bit of work you send off. If you aren’t proud of what you’re doing, the clients will soon notice the lack of motivation in your writing.

At school, you may have written essays and the like but web writing is very different. When browsing the web, people tend to have very short attention spans so sentences need to be short and the piece should be spaced out nicely with no huge paragraphs. If the reader even sees a huge block of text with no gaps, they will click away because we have little free time these days.

Coming back to a topic we touched upon earlier, you will also need to utilize keywords. If you haven’t heard of these previously, they are the most searched words on search engines within a particular niche. If you offer the service, the client might ask you to find five keywords and make sure they appear in your writing a couple of times each. In other scenarios, the client will already have the keywords for you to use. Ultimately, the goal is to fit them in naturally so they don’t stand out but so the search engine picks up on them.

As soon as you get some experience, you will soon learn your strengths and weaknesses; from here, you can progress and fine tune your service. Over time, be sure to check messaging boards, job post boards, and freelance job sites. When applying, include all contact information and some samples and, as long as you show your passion, people will love to hire you!