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How To Flood Your Website With Visitors

April 29th, 2016

One of the most frustrating parts of running a website for a home business is seeing the amount of people visiting your site compared to the amount of people making a purchase. Often, this ‘conversion rate’ is quite low and it can be demoralizing to see that only a small percentage of visitors then go on to make one or several purchases. So what can you do to increase this amount?

Navigation is a big factor when it comes to websites, people like to be able to easily navigate from one page to the next, if they can’t they will quickly look to find a site where they can. Similarly, the design of your home business website can have a big impact. The trick is to integrate some colour that looks appealing but not completely overbearing; if the colours are too harsh, again your visitors will quickly click away. Try to look at your site from an outside perspective or even better, get a number of friends or family to view the site and then write down some feedback. You spend a lot of time on your site so it can become easy to miss mistakes, your family and friends will see these and your site will be improved instantly.

In addition to this, try to find out where your visitors have come from. This will allow you to see where your advertising needs improvement as well as exactly where it is working, you can then adjust your advertising wherever required to draw in even more readers. Furthermore, a sign up form can also be useful as this will allow you to get the names and addresses of your visitors. You could tempt them with a weekly newsletter or just email updates for your products. You could even run a competition as this is guaranteed to pull in the masses; try to offer a product that relates to your business as a reward. It is important that your visitors are aware of how many emails you will be sending out though, people don’t want to be bombarded by emails and will be grateful if you reassure them that this won’t happen. Once they have signed up to your site, they can regularly view your new products and you can release exciting news to them all with the click of a button.

Finally, adding reviews from previous happy customers will also help to improve your conversion rate. When we buy a product or service online, even if it is from one of the biggest sites, we like to read a good review to sway our decision. Your home business should be the same and you should be proud to show everyone your positive testimonials. It helps if you add in the name of the person who sent the review otherwise it may look false and as though you have just typed it yourself.