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Using Articles to Promote Affiliate Programs

December 19th, 2016

Now that affiliate programs have been around for a good amount of time, we now know what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, you need to be utilizing articles since they are known to add value to your site and draw new visitors in. Although it may seem like a bit of effort at first, search engines now love good content so you should see great results with high-quality articles.


When writing articles or even just planning them, you should be looking to attract huge numbers of people whilst receiving the most amount of exposure possible. When people read an article and are genuinely interested, they read more and perhaps even visit the website. Whether you write your articles manually or use an article submission service, the quality needs to be high. To help you with your decision of whether or not to use an article submission service, we have listed some pros and cons for you.


Pros – If you have limited time and need to target a number of groups and sites, the service can be extremely useful. However, you need to stay alert when paying because the services will be tiered. With most services, you will be given a free service as a sample and this is what you are likely to receive;


  • Firstly, you should receive an email telling you that the article has been received and that it would be assessed.


  • After this, you will probably receive an email from Yahoo groups and a response depends on what you need. Seeing as though you are likely to be receiving work from authors regularly, it might be wise to ignore this so your email address isn’t overwhelmed. Ideally, you should use a Yahoo address and keep your private email well away.


For the majority of article submission sites, you will need to pay a small amount of money on a monthly basis in return for articles for your sites. Therefore, these sites can be helpful if you are short on time, want to attract more visitors to your site, and if you are willing to pay a little to see if you benefit.


Cons – On the other hand, there are some downsides as there are with most services online including;


  • By doing the submission yourself, you will see that it has reached its destination thus gaining exposure. When using the service, you might be limited to the sites of which you are aware.


  • Furthermore, doing it yourself allows for the work to be targeted towards a specific audience which is vital when attracting people to your site and links.


  • Finally, there is a risk of the article being rejected or kicked because the title will be generic and this could go against the rules.


In summary, the service can be useful if you are running a little low on time and are willing to pay a fee to have the work done. However, the free service is not worth your time as the return is limited and doesn’t provide much benefit to your site. Ultimately, you should be trying different techniques of reaching out to your audience through the use of articles. Soon enough, you will find a formula that works for you and that is what it is all about since each site is unique. Once you find the various systems that work for your website, you will have the key to success!