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The Network Marketing High Income Formula

June 2nd, 2017

Over the years, we have seen that innovation, leadership, and commitment are the three key skills and cornerstones for success with network marketing so let’s break these down.

Leadership – For the leaders, these are the people allowing their homes to be used for meetings and holding conference calls. As well as improving themselves, leaders do all they can to ensure that everyone around them learns at the same time. Even if they are downline or in another opportunity, they want everyone to grow as a group. In this industry in particular, leaders will always be welcome because they make the role of the CEO that little bit easier.

Innovation – Furthermore, innovators are always being rewarded in network marketing. When trying to make the breakthrough, creativity is essential because you need to stand out from the crowd and be different. As you may know, Dale Maloney has been in the industry now for over 20 years but we saw him right at the very beginning. Whilst everyone else were following each other, Maloney scrambled some money to buy a mailing list along with some envelopes, stamps, and paper for letters. At that point, nobody thought of using direct mail and so he was rewarded for many years to come.

As we have said many times in the past, this is a fast moving market and you need to keep your eyes open for the next opportunity. If you copy your competition, you will always be behind your competition. Sometimes, you will take a risk and it won’t work but other times you will strike gold and change your business forever.

Commitment – Finally, what happens when you give up after not seeing success the first few times? Well, you will never see success because you will head back to the life you were trying to leave when starting in network marketing. If we look at the average network marketer, they lose money. Although this might be a shock to hear, the only people that make money are the ones committed. Instead of seeing this as a new project that might or might not work, they see it as a change to their lifestyle and they are determined to make it work.

When it comes to network marketing, getting rich overnight simply does not exist no matter how many times you may hear it. If you have been sold a life of working three hours a week and retiring by the age of 40 or even 30, you have been sold a lie. However, this career isn’t impossible and it starts with these three skills; leadership, innovation, and commitment. If you can master these three, you will have no problem moving forward and you will build a retirement fund (but not in three weeks!).