Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Dollars

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Pretty photos do not always make a good statement. Consider that as a little bit of Yoda’s wisdom for Internet marketers and bloggers wanting to make better use of Pinterest or other social medias to make money online

And as with all of Yoda’s words, that one is true, too. What looks good right now on your laptop or mobile phone will not automatically look good as a pin. You need to consider numerous factors in order to truly determine which of the photos you want to use for marketing your business are truly “pin-worthy”. Let’s see why…

Picture Size

Size definitely matters in this case – especially where profile pictures are concerned. Here are a few guidelines you are better off adhering to when uploading a profile picture.

• Keep it square. Personally crop or resize your photos if you have to because you do not want Pinterest doing it for you – and they will.

• Keep dimensions at 160 x 160 pixels. Again, it’s better to do this on your own than let Pinterest do it for you. They won’t care if they accidentally crop off your head in what’s supposed to be a headshot.

• The subject should make up a large part of the photo. It must be visible and identifiable even when your profile photo shows up the size of a thumbnail.

Emotion And Information

It’s not enough for your photos to be pretty. A picture that makes you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ will not necessarily motivate you enough to share it with other users or – in this case – repin it to your boards. In Pinterest, there are only two kinds of photos that matter.

• Emotionally-driven photos – These are the photos that make you laugh or teary-eyed. Sometimes, they may even be terrifying. Ultimately, these photos make people care about the message they’re trying to promote, enough to ‘like’ or ‘repin’ it – or maybe even visit the link accompanying the photo.

• Information-driven photos – Info graphics make up some of the hottest photos in Pinterest. These photos are something that you’re better off creating on your own, though. Just remember NOT to bore your readers with too many details!


Branding is still an essential and powerful marketing tool even in Pinterest, but you need to be careful about not overdoing it. Don’t flood your photos with your company’s name or logo to the point that your target market will be sick of seeing it. Worse, they might think you are being overly aggressive and that all you care about is making money instead of caring about their needs as prospective customers.

Rather than taking all sorts of creative snapshots of your brand logo, focus instead on pictures that show how your products or services are actually and presently being used in real life. Share and pin photos of customers with big smiles on their faces upon getting one of your products! Show it being featured in a trade fair.

Pictures will always speak louder than words so trust your photos to do their jobs instead of screaming ‘buy me’ at your customers with excessive use of logos.

Update Frequently

When it comes to updating your social media account, frequency is probably what you are worried most about. While it’s true that frequency is a critical success factor for your marketing plan, it’s not the only factor that you have to worry about.


Let’s start by getting this out of the way since some of you may already have too much on your plate – marketing-wise. In Pinterest, the most active users get the most followers. At the very least, you need to come up with several new pins and repins every week.

Just one or two pins and repins for the week can be sufficient, but people will be expecting a lot of quality and value from those photos! Conversely, never sacrifice quality for quantity. If you are truly unable to come up with at least one original pin or photo for the week, you can always make do with two wonderful repins. Don’t force yourself to come up with info graphics just for the sake of doing so. That’s more likely to backfire than help you gain followers!


Pinterest marketing is a lot like blogging. You need to come up with a schedule for your followers to depend on. Be sure to stick to that schedule because people will feel disappointed if they come visiting your page expecting new photos – and they find none. In the worst case scenario, you don’t just lose a follower – you lose a loyal customer, too!


It’s all about having the right photos showing up at the right time and place. Boards will take care of the latter, but you’ll need to know more about your followers’ online habits for perfect timing. What time in the day do they spend browsing pins? What time are they most likely to be free from distraction and able to fully focus on your pins?


If you are just starting out, a weekly upload or pin will not be enough at all. You need to work overtime during the first few days and get your Pinterest page bursting in the seams and appear jam packed with relevant and interesting information and stories to share through your pins and repins.

Ultimately, it’s about necessity. Be extra aware of what’s going around you and pin or repin more photos if the situation calls for it.

Take the holidays for example. Christmas typically demands a higher output because this is the time where people are in the mood to buy. You need to take advantage of that and increased activity in Pinterest will surely increase your chances of capturing your market’s attention.


To paraphrase the famous slogan of a sport company, that’s all you really have to do in the end. If you came up with a photo worth pinning or you found a photo worth sharing – just pin it! Forget all about the timing or the schedules. It’s just as important to be the first to pin a photo in Pinterest so if you have the chance to enjoy that – just pin it!
Watch Your Etiquette

The popularity of the social media site Pinterest is vastly increasing. In fact, since its inception in 2010, it is now considered as the third most popular social networking website after Facebook and Twitter. The premise of Pinterest relies heavily on creating visual boards that pinners can pin and repin.

Although it initially captured the attention of pinners for personal use, it is undeniable that it is now considered as one of the most influential sites for business entrepreneurs who aim to gain better social media visibility. Even if there are no rules on how you operate within your Pinterest account (except of course if it is offensive), there are certain unspoken rules that you have to observe to ensure that you are within the bounds of Pinterest etiquette. As an entrepreneur, failure to observe such can actually hurt your following.

Give Credit where it is Due

This applies to almost all things and it works on Pinterest as well. Since you probably won’t be posting original content every single time, make sure to give credit to the original source. This is highly ethical and it complies with the Pinterest guidelines as well.

At the same time, don’t directly pin an image just because you saw it on Google and you liked it. Chances are, you will be able to find the original source by clicking on the image or the link. Make sure to provide information on the name or website where you got your source. You also wouldn’t want to see your photograph or your works online without being credited, do you?

Be Organized

Pinners will follow boards that interest them. Thus, if you have a board about “Bedroom Ideas”, your followers expect to see images of bedrooms and not images of cute puppies, no matter how adorable they can get. Organization is the key to making sure that you hold the interests of your followers. If you want to have a repository of random images, you can do so, but categorize it accordingly.

Don’t Spam (Intentionally Or Otherwise)

It may not be your aim to spam pinned images but at the same time, it is hard to believe that you can find more than twenty images to pin and repin within an hour. Select only those which you think are really relevant to your pin board, especially if you are running a Pinterest account which is linked to your business website.

It will be hard for you to advertise your business through images if your followers are starting to feel that your “pins” are seemingly irrelevant to their interests. They might even start to ask why they’re following you.

Put A Bit Of Effort Into What You Post

Say you saw an inspiring image that you think speaks volume about your company. Pin it and then don’t forget to add a label to it. You may place a short description telling why you pin the image or you may just say something on what the image is all about. When it comes to putting an effort into your pins, see to it that your posts are visually engaging and appealing. Avoid pinning images that are too small or too big for your followers to appreciate. Also, don’t post images which are too pixilated to even recognize.

Following these tips will actually take less than a fragment of your time. When you watch your etiquette in social networking sites such as Pinterest, followers will be more engaged to see what you have in store for them. They may even be curious enough to click your images that will direct them to your business website or repin your post so that their contacts can see it as well. CLIKCKACHING!!



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