How to Fully Automate Your Home Business

July 11th, 2017 No comments »

In recent years, we have seen huge advancements in technology and this is only set to continue as time moves forward. Of course, this has numerous benefits for our home businesses but perhaps nowhere more than our marketing systems. However, there are still thousands who haven’t fully automated this process which is why we want to discuss the topic today!

Full Automation – In case you were unaware, full automation is where your marketing system is almost self-sufficient including advertising, promoting, selling, appointing downlines, and more. If your site isn’t currently offering this level of automation, you could soon be left behind so here are the ten pieces of the jigsaw you need to put together to make it happen.

• Collecting your opt-in lists
• Providing surfers with a developed tour
• Automatic sign-ups
• Following those who don’t sign up using auto responders
• Training those who do sign up using auto responders
• Motivating through conferencing using voice recording
• Group discussions on conference software
• Transforming your website into a training facility
• Introducing a duplication system
• Introducing an automated traffic generating system

Without an automated system, everything grinds to a halt and you can’t step away from your business for more than 24 hours. With an optimized system in place, you could spend a weekend away, come back, and find new people already training after signing up. If you’re to grow your business, it needs this sort of freedom to grow without your constant involvement and full automation allows this.

Although the task seems difficult from the outside, and it can be, you just need to concentrate and pay attention to what’s happening. Rather than looking at it from a ‘techie’ point of view, you need to think like the next customer and how you can make it easy moving forward. At first, just focus on one income stream and then you can expand once you find success.

In truth, you will need a process of trial and error which involves testing ideas against your fully-automated system. If you find it doesn’t fit, simply leave it alone and move onto the next one. Although there are some amazing gadgets for your website these days, you can’t keep adding them otherwise your website will be cluttered and ineffective.

With the growth of the internet in recent years, it has made the purchasing/selling experience more detached than ever before. Rather than visiting a physical store and having conversations with the owner, we can order from a website without having contact with another human and this is important to remember. By using fully-automated systems, you can spend more time with fellow marketers and build long-term relationships.

Once you have introduced this system, you have more time to focus on the more important things in your business and in life. Rather than having to manually set up each client, you can spend more time advertising, networking, walking the dog, and spending time with your family; let’s face it, the last two are likely to be the reasons you started a home business in the first place!