How to Start an Online Business on a Shoestring

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In this post I will discuss how to start an online business with zero investment. If there was a survey to ask where we are most comfortable in the world, most of us would answer ‘at home’ because it is where we sleep, relax after work, and can just forget about the world outside of the windows and doors. When we don’t want to go to work, it is a mixture of not enjoying the office and not wanting to leave the comfort of home. For this reason, most of us would love to have the luxury of working from home. Thanks to advancements in technology and the growth of the internet, this is no longer a dream and is completely possible.

When choosing a field, affiliate marketing seems to be a popular option nowadays and it isn’t hard to see why. As long as you have a computer or laptop and an internet connection, making money has never been easier and affiliate marketing is a great route to choose. In essence, affiliate marketing is the process of advertising on behalf of a company. For example, you can build a blog about fitness and then join an affiliate marketing program for a fitness company. Then, you can put a link for fitness products on your page and earn money for everyone who clicks on the link and makes a purchase as commission. On the other hand, you might be simply advertising the products in your local area and raising interest online. As you can guess, there are a number of benefits to this.

How to start an online business as an affiliate

No Involvement in Products – Firstly, the most obvious advantage of this is that you have no involvement in the product itself. Rather than designing, developing, creating, and then marketing a product, you will be marketing a product that already exists. If the brand is well-known already, gaining customers shouldn’t be a struggle and you can take advantage of their strong reputation.

No Branding – As far as your job goes, you simply have to put a link or an image on a page and then send people in that direction. In terms of the brand itself, the company will be doing all of the advertising. Even if you wanted to do your own, the company will normally help you with catalogues, posters, and pamphlets anyway. Furthermore, you will often get sent samples to test products which will reduce the risk for you. All you have to do, focus on selling the product and get as many people to purchase it as possible.

Work From Home – Additionally, this line of work allows you to work from the comfort of your own home. Admittedly, you will need a little storage space for the product of the company (if required) but this will be minimal and you can still operate from home. Furthermore, you are in control of your earnings which means that the harder you work, the more customers you will draw in, and the more money you will earn. Rather than having a boss breathing down your neck, you are in control of your earnings.

Small Risk – Finally, starting a business venture is all about risk and this is virtually non-existent with affiliate marketing because it doesn’t require large amounts of investment. Also, you won’t have to hit certain sales targets as we saw in the previous point.

Although we have discussed the many benefits that come with working from home, we should also note that it will not be easy. At first, you will be working long hours in order to make money but you have to think about the reward in the long-term. When companies promise the world with affiliate marketing, they make it sound easy but don’t be fooled. For every dollar that you earn, you will have to work extremely hard to get your name out there and to generate interest in the product.

With that being said, the many people that do now make a living from affiliate marketing prove that it can be done and that you can work from home if you want it badly enough.

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