How to Deal with Stereotypes of a Home Based Business

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‘You work from home? Well, aren’t you lucky to have an easy life!’ – a statement uttered all over the world by those who don’t realize just how much effort you put in on a day-to-day basis. Whenever we mention the fact we work from home, people instantly have opinions on how ‘easy’ your job must be and how they would ‘love’ to be so lucky. For friends and family members, this means you’re ‘always available’ and your efforts are often undermined.

With this in mind, it can be tough to take when you’re actually putting in just as many hours as them (and perhaps even more!). Suddenly, your friends get frustrated when you can’t make lunch arrangements or if you can’t look after their child for an hour. If you’re going to turn this around, you need to make your schedule very clear to everybody around you.

Work Schedule – If you haven’t yet decided on a work schedule for your role, we highly recommend making this jump today. With defined office hours, you can let everyone know just how serious you are. With hours between 9-5, for example, you tell your friends you won’t be available but would be more than happy to talk before or after these hours. If necessary, show them how much work you have to do each day or even the money you make and suddenly you won’t be seen as ‘lazy’ or ‘lucky’.

Spouses – Although we’ve mentioned friends and family, the toughest time can actually come from spouses because they wonder why housework isn’t being done when you’re at home all day. To resolve this, you really need to get them involved in your business so they’re aware of how much pressure you’re under. Once they understand exactly what you do, they’ll recognize that this work needs to be done and your location whilst doing it is an insignificant factor.

From here, you can create a list of household chores and assign them fairly so there won’t be any arguments in the future. If they’re old enough, you could even give your children a couple of jobs too. By doing this, the cleaning and tidying becomes a family task rather than resting purely on your shoulders. Furthermore, we advise putting a calendar on the wall for all to see so everyone in the house knows when you’re under extra pressure. If your partner sees your days extended by a couple of hours on a certain week, they might take some of the chores from you to make things easier.

Summary – When people throw offhand comments about our business our way, we tend to close them out but this will only make the problem worse. Instead, you need to get them involved because their comments normally come from a lack of understanding. Once they see just how hard you work, they’ll realize their comments were hurtful and this should resolve the issue.

While on this note, we beg you not to push friends and family members away. By showing them your workload, you can suggest nights when you can make a dinner date and this gives you something to look forward to as you work. If you cut your loved ones entirely, you end up working alone all day with not even events to look forward to because they think you’re sitting at home doing nothing while you build anger over time.

Remember, working from home is a relatively new idea. Although people have done it previously, it was never as widespread as it is today so you need to appreciate how they’re looking at the situation. Especially with older relatives, nobody used to work at home in their time so they think it’s a simple trend to get out of hard work. Sure, some people might never be convinced of your hard work but all you can do is keep them involved and earn their respect.


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