Get Paid to Post and Comment?

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Just imagine you could get remunerated for posting on topics you enjoy and are passionate about. Think of a powerhouse social media (not Facebook or Twitter) that actually pays you for commenting and posting content.

My friend Helen Doherty does it week in, week out and, believe it or not, makes around $900 every 7 days doing so.

Is there anything else to it? Nope … just posting and commenting! According to Helen “There is no reason not to earn $3,000 to $4,000 USD monthly with this site”. Indeed, it’s that simple and easy to post and earn on this new and already mega social network.

In my opinion, this site is a mix of Facebook and Quora and if you find it easy to comment or post on either site then you can follow Helen’s path in no time. But she did not start out making what she currently brings in. In fact, she was basically making nothing until she discovered and refined the tactics that totally changed her game and spiked her earnings.

How you may ask? Just by consistently making just 2 posts per day. This simple schedule and discipline brought her to a life changing $900/week which is roughly the average for this social media platform.

The site I am referring to is Steemit, a social media sharing portal that pay users for content and is getting more and more popular every day. As at early 2018, it ranks in the top 600 sites in USA with close to half a million unique visitors per day! People spend almost 6 minutes on the site per visit and view well over 3 pages per visit which is totally awesome. Steemit is not at the top with other social media platforms yet but it’s just 2 years old and it’s gaining quite a bit of “steem” in the top 5 countries of the world.

Steemit has recently hit 500k steem accounts and generating over 40k posts per day. Talk about a powerhouse in the making!

If you are ready to turn the corner and start earning some pretty decent cash by working with your computer from your own home and you would like to cut down the learning curve and get a jump start into financial success then you need to learn from Helen’s exact secrets.

Helen says that has significantly changed her life. She has spent a lot of time searching for such an opportunity and had been jumping from one shiny object to another. Steemit has given her the opportunity to pursue her love of writing and also to connect with people while making enough money to support herself and her 2 young children.

She has been able to create a life changing income for herself … enough to get off welfare and get away from financial worries. Kudos to her!

Now that you know of Helen’s experience and success I would advise to run … don’t walk or crawl … discover how she does it:


Helen’s program is not only as easy as posting on Facebook but you can also start earning the very first day. How cool is that?


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