Five Key Strategies to Become a Successful Freelancer

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Here are five fantastic tips for those of you who are trying to make it as a freelancer. So grab the notepad and pen and make some notes!


Credibility – Within the internet, there is one key characteristic that all good freelancers need to have and that is credibility. Nowadays, people are somewhat nervous about talking to people online because they don’t know whether the service is legitimate so people will always look for a ‘catch’. With this in mind, you need to show them that you are more than qualified for the job and can help them with their requests.

Firstly, a site will be the first step but then you could also look towards creating blog content, collaborating with key leaders in your industry, creating a course, etc. Suddenly, you will have accomplishments to your name and you can have your own influence over the market.

Obtain Skills – Rather than doing the same things over and over again, you need to challenge yourself to pick up more skills and become a more advantageous choice for the client. Even if it means completing projects in your own time without earning, these skills will help you to progress in the field in which you choose to operate. With online classes, for example, you will become a better freelancer and have the potential to charge more money for your services.

Leverage Your Network – At all times, you need to be in contact with your current network as well as looking to expand by bringing in new people. Rather than cold-calling potential clients, get into conversations with your existing clients, friends, colleagues, and people within your network because you never know when and where the work can come.

Pricing – For beginners, your pricing strategy is absolutely essential and will contribute hugely to your success. In truth, it is all about finding a balance between not selling yourself too short but also not overpricing because this will put people off of your service. Furthermore, you need to consider how much you need to charge to make a living as well as how much the competitors are charging.

As long as you can offer a high-quality service, clients are more than happy to pay a little extra but you have to prove that your service is worth the extra money. When building a reputation as a beginner, a good move would be to charge low and then surprise them with your standard of work because this will see your client list grow through word-of-mouth.

Frequent Blogging – If you are showcasing your skills on a website, you need to draw attention to the site and one way to do this is via blogging as often as you can. If possible, go for at least two posts per month making use of SEO so people will be clicking on the link and seeing your business. If you are a writer, you should be looking to blog more frequently because this is another portfolio and you can show how well you write in a number of different topics within your niche.

There we have it, some superb tips for freelance workers. As long as you pay attention to this advice, you will be in a great position to succeed; good luck!


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