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Use Your Knowledge and Experience to Make Money Online

October 18th, 2015

The Multimedia has provided a very instrumental role in internet marketing. In fact, it has become more crucial after the social media revolution. You can use your multimedia presentation to connect with the potential audiences at the emotional level and leverage your online business by making your multimedia presentations available on the social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

In this blog post, I am going to explain how you can use your knowledge of content creation to leverage your online business. You will learn how to transform a single audio file or a written article into video or multimedia PDF.

Before you proceed to create an engaging content, you have to select the product or topic you want to focus. Obviously, if you are already running a business, your topics should relate to the products or services related to your niche market. But if you want to create an information product for your online business, you can, and I think you should consider the factors like your authority and personal interest on topics before selecting the final product. You should also consider the feedback of your existing clients and their requests, if any, because these factors can play very important role in making an information product and pre-selling it.

Once you have selected the product, it’s time to create a broad mind-map of your product. This mind map will not only allow you to determine what you should be talking about, but also let you refine your approach to the topic in question by making suitable changes. It’s a good idea to draw this mind map as you might miss some points while recording the audio for your product.

Now you have a mind map of your product and you are ready for your recording. You can use any hardware and software combinations to record your messages, but I would recommend Blue Yeti mic because of its quality and competitive price. I record using this device and it has always given me a beautiful recording. For the best result, consider switching the pattern so that it makes an incomplete circle with a chunk missing towards you.

Make sure that you are in a good spirit while recording your message. I use the morning hours to record my messages. The relaxed mood after a fresh morning coffee transforms my mind-map into a singing melody. The overall impact of your audio is crucial because it’s going to be the base of your visual content.

Once you are satisfied with your audio message, you can send the audio file to your virtual assistant with your clear instructions. I send my files to a beautiful girl named Letty. It hardly matters how you send the files. You can email it or upload any file sharing service or drop box. While your virtual assistant does the video editing or creates PowerPoint presentations, you can research on your next topic or product.

As an alternative, you can use dragon naturally speaking to transcribe your audio (if you have already invested in this software and using it), or send your file to professional transcribers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or Fiverr. You can get a transcription of 15 minutes of your audio for approximately $5. After getting your audio messages transcribed, you can use appropriate services on Fiverr to get a presentation of your topic or product.

That’s it, you can post this multimedia content on your social media platform. It’s a very simple yet effective way to leverage your business by using the power of your knowledge and time. Researching and delivering ideas can be very profitable, try it…