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2 Ways To Drive Profits Crazy

July 9th, 2015

There are tons of things you can do to market yourself and your product to the herd mind and make tons of money. Here are two angles to use to get the attention of your target audience in a big way.


The herd mentality loves controversy…

Just look at recent political elections. Every little controversial thing that candidates have ever done has come out in the news and the masses are eating it up. They love it and they will never stop loving it. It catches their eye more than just about anything else in the new. Controversy is incredibly entertaining to the herd mind and it always will be. Use this to your advantage!

Controversial ideas get both negative and positive reactions from people. Both create free publicity for the product/idea in question. This, more times than not, turns into a flood of sales. The idea is to speak your mind and take a stand on something that some disagree with. Some will agree, some won’t, and this will create a big debate that will spread like wildfire, giving tons of publicity to whatever is in question.

I can’t exactly state how you would do this, as every product would be different. The main thing to remember is to go at it with passion. Get the online forums buzzing about your controversial topic and you will be able to convert them into sales.

A good example of controversy at work is the show American Idol. It is a show where contestants sing in front of a panel of 3 judges. The judges and viewers (who call in and vote for their favorite singer) are the ones who get to keep or get rid of a contestant. They do this until there is only one singer left. That person wins and gets a recording contract. Needless to say, the show is crazy popular.

But, I doubt the show would be one of the top shows on television if it wasn’t for Simon Cowell (the jerk judge). When the show first started, and he started completely insulting the majority of the contestants trying out, it got massive exposure. There was a huge buzz about Simon’s brutally honest and highly controversial remarks. There were people who hated him, and people who loved him (or just thought he was hilarious), and both types of people tuned in every week to see what he was going to say to the next contestant who would sing off key.

All of those viewers would eventually find a favorite and get to vote for them each week (viewer interactivity) which also created a viral effect. The viral effect was simple- if a viewer, we’ll call her Julie, loved a certain contestant, she would get all of her friends to vote for that person. So each “Julie” who was passionate about the show and the singers on it would bring in more people just like her.

It was a great formula for that type of show.

Controversy + Viewer Interactivity + A Viral Element = Success!

You can also throw “talent” in there somewhere as the final contestants do have talent- and talented people always build a following of some sort. Other shows have copied this formula to the letter. America Has Talent does something very similar. Dancing with the Stars also has a similar formula, and it is quite successful. There are a few others as well.

So think about how you could use controversy in your favor. If done right, it can be incredibly huge!


Have you ever noticed that when somebody is really excited about something, and they are describing whatever they are excited about, pacing back and forth, talking fast, breathing heavy, that it gets your heart racing as well? Excitement is contagious, and this can be huge if you use it online. The herd always responds well to excitement.

Notice how infomercials on television always have some nut who is hyped up like crazy either selling the product, or giving a testimonial on what the product did for them. When people get excited in the forums online about something, everybody else following that posts seems to follow suit. Excitement is a core component of getting social proof strategies to work effectively.

Take the American Idol example. If Julie really liked one of the contestants on there and just thought that person was great and should definitely win the show and was completely excited about it when she told her friend, then the friend would much more easily accept Julie’s opinion of that contestant being good. Now there is 2 of them. If those 2 (Julie and her friend) told a third friend about how good that contestant is, the third friend would be even more accepting because not 1 but 2 of her friends involved.

It is already becoming a ‘mini herd’ in a way. If these people are really excited about this whole thing, they go online and find others just like them and join that herd of thinking. What started with few became many all with the same line of thinking that they may not have had before they got sucked in by the herd mentality.

Ever notice how a friend of yours who is always upbeat or laughs a lot makes you more upbeat or laugh more than you usually do? It’s contagious.

Get people excited about you, your company, and your products. Add viral elements to the equation so that those people will bring in others and get them excited as well. This is one way that some people generate much more traffic to their web sites then others. They get their visitors excited about them and their products and those people tell their friends. If you get your visitors to your web site to tell 1 of their friends each, well you just doubled your traffic.