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Finding the Work/Life Balance With a Home Business

July 29th, 2017

We all know the story; we got attracted by the opportunity to spend more time with our families by starting a home business but now we’re seeing them less than in the first place. How come we now have less time when we were promised precious family time? Unfortunately, this is an issue millions are having all around the world so it’s something we’re going to address today!

Starting a home business can be tough but there is one saying that sums it all up perfectly; short term pain for long term gain. In the first few months and maybe even years, you’ll find yourself spending all hours in the office with little opportunity to get out for fresh air. If you normally drive to an office, the first tip we recommend is taking the bus or train. Even if this frees up 30 minutes, it’s time you didn’t have before and you can make a few calls, reply to emails, and get ready for the day ahead.

Furthermore, record training videos and the like as this is also incredibly helpful for commuting and it frees up more time elsewhere. Nowadays, you can pick up a digital voice recorder and the lead to reach your phone within around $50-$60.

If your kids go to school during the day, why not take 30 minutes with them to eat a snack and talk through their day when they get home? For many parents, they take a short break when their children arrive home before then returning back to work until finished (dinner time, for example). In the same effort to save some time, you could do a little work late at night if you can function the next day with little sleep. Naturally, some of us require eight hours whilst others can operate fully on five. If you fall into the latter, why not reply to some emails and get some work done before bed (when everybody else is in bed).

In truth, we cannot provide definitive answers to your problem because every home business is unique both in practice and in how it operates. If you have children, family time is essential so we recommend planning ahead. If you take each day as it comes, you aren’t likely to find any free time. If you plan your time and set aside the family time, there’s no reason why you can’t find the right balance between work and play.

At first, you might feel as though you need to be with your business 24 hours a day but this should never be the case. If you’re guiding customers through every step of the buying process, for example, you should be looking to automate the process so you can take the odd day off. When you work every single day, the motivation drains from your body and you start to resent the business but this should never be the case. Instead, allow your business to function without you if only for 24 hours at a time and you will soon start to build the foundations of a balanced life!