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How To Make a Living From PTC Sites

July 27th, 2017

Before we get into the money-making tips we have for you here today, we should first clear up a huge misconception that exists with PTC sites; direct referrals lead to more money. Unfortunately, managing a constant inflow of active clickers is almost impossible because these quantities don’t really exist. In order to make enough money to live comfortably, you would need thousands of referrals. According to a recent report, around nine in ten PTC clicks quit very quickly so a downline is extremely tough to build.

With this in mind, what’s the real solution? Well, more recently the best solution for many has been renting referrals and this is what we wish to discuss today!

If you’ve heard of rented referrals (RR) previously, you probably would have been sold a lie since this is another area full of misperception. For example, you might have heard rented referrals are members who did not use a referral link and have never been referred previously. For a minimum of one month, you can rent these referrals and assess their performance. Once again, we’re busting a myth here because rented referrals are actually a set of bots. As you start to look a little deeper and assess their behavior, this is plain to see.

Over the years, RR has received a significant amount of negative attention but this actually stems from people not quite knowing how RR works. When people see poor results from RR, you can almost guarantee they are using it in the wrong way. Today, we’re going to reveal the correct strategy and one you can use in the near future to make money.

PTC Strategy

Although there are small differences you might notice from one site to the next, the premise of this strategy remains the same on all platforms and you can follow this step-by-step guide today.

Upgrade – Before you of anything else, we highly recommend upgrading because being a free member is not the way to go with RR. Unfortunately, long-term profit isn’t possible as a free member so pay attention to the latest deals; sometimes, upgrades are available with a 20% discount. When paying, we also recommend paying for a year at once because this is the cheapest option in the long-run.

First 30 Days – Once the upgrade is complete, you’ll have the first rented referrals for around one month. Although this is a step in the right direction, there are still mistakes to be made. For example, you probably won’t cover your costs in the first month alone but this doesn’t mean you should cancel your subscription and give up.

If you want to assess your rented referrals, take a look at ‘Last Click Date’ and ‘Average Performance’ as these statistics will tell you everything you need to know. From these statistics, you can decide whether it’s worth keeping rented referrals for the next period. When rented referrals are performing well, you can renew them for another month and they might start to cover your costs. If they’re performing really well, there’s nothing to stop you from renewing for a whole year because this will be the cheapest option for your business.

Earning Profit – So the key to this whole process is finding the rented referrals that earn the best profit before then renting them for a year with a discount. Over time, you’ll find the best performing referrals and you can continually reinvest your initial investment into the best referrals. In essence, it’s like a positive spiral of earnings as one good performing referral leads to the acquisition of another which leads to the acquisition of another and so on and so forth.

Of course, you will find rented referrals that don’t perform so you just recycle them and look for the ones that do. Very soon, you’ll have an active downline and you can keep extending it and reinvesting your money. With this, you’re probably wondering just how long it takes before you start to see tangible results. In truth, it all depends on the amount you invest and your patience to allow them to make money. For example, a period of six months would allow a portfolio/downline of around 500 referrals as long as you’re picking out the best performing referrals and losing the bad ones.

Once you have them signed up to a long-term deal, they will be making you profit and you can move onto the next one and this is how you make money with PTC sites. As long as you keep building your downline, your reinvestment will be rewarded and your profit will continually grow larger.

Summary – Why do so many people fail? Firstly, they get the set-up and first few months completely wrong. Then, they don’t have the patience or will to reinvest so the profit can never grow to the amounts they expect. As you can see, PTC sites do make a good investment and now you know just how to utilize them fully. Keep using this strategy, manage your referrals effectively, remain consistent in your decisions, and invest whenever the cash frees itself – this is the road to success and you can take the first step today!