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How to Incorporate Your “USP” Into All of Your Advertising

October 3rd, 2015

If your ads are not properly handling its USP, you will waste your time, efforts and resources by promoting a crap that nobody is going to buy.  Proper handling of a USP or unique selling proposition is extremely for the success of your advertising campaign. Your unique selling proposition explains why your potential customers should buy your product or prefer it to other products.

If your ads don’t answer this question, you are not likely to persuade your potential buyers to choose your products or services. Your ads should incorporate a compelling advantage from a buyer’s perspective so that they can realize why your product is different from other sellers and how they can benefit by choosing what you are offering. If you are incorporating ambiguous and hypothetical answers to this question, you are actually risking to lose the identity of your product in a shipping container where every product looks the same. The USPs like quality product, trustworthy and credible product, reliable service and / or honest policy are things that might be claimed by others as well. These common value parameters are not going to impart a unique advantage to your products and services.

We don’t want to confuse you at this point. The values that we have just mentioned are very important for the successful marketing of your product, but they should be promoted as inherent features of your offer. It means once your prospective buyers prefer your products and services for something unique; they get these features as the common standard of your brand.  Got it?

You are basically advertising to attract potential customers, encourage them to take some actions and engage them to close the deal. When we say close the deal, we mean generating the lead, selling the products or forgetting the prospects on your product. In case you are successful in generating a lead or about to close the deal, you won’t like to create any complications to the process. Do you expect that your potential customers will tolerate all the frustrations of going through endless loops and order your products?

Sellers avoid this inconvenience by providing a very customer-friendly shopping experience on their web store. However, hassle-free shopping experience may not satisfy all your prospects if they are unsure that they are getting the best deal their money can buy. The hypothetical words (like the best deal, the best service, I care, and number 1 product or service) are meaningless unless your claim is proven by some authentic information.

So, including a credible information to handle the USP of its ads makes it perfect. You can include this information as a free report or complementary CD / DVD related to products and services that you are offering. When you include a credible information as part of your ads, it imparts a competitive edge to your products and services and makes your ads attractive to the prospective clients. They will definitely read your information, and you will get a better chance of addressing their problems.

By including a free information as part of your ads, you have added some unique value to your offer. Many of your competitors are not likely to include a credible information as to why their products offer the best value to the prospective clients. You gain a clear-cut competitive advantage. Credible information will go a long way in establishing your authority in matters related to your niche market, and your potential customers may even interact you to resolve their problems. However, you should avoid information that gives the impression of a metaphysical lecture or political manifesto without any merits.

Wasting money in creating or improving a brand image is not a good choice for small business marketing. You should focus on making money rather than creating your brand image.  Stay away from hypothetical ads and try to offer something new and different to answer the USP of your advertising. It will make your ads more attractive to your prospective clients, and they will enter a lasting relationship with you.

We are extremely confident that these tips will make your ads almost five times better and attractive than your competitors. You will succeed in making lots of money because you your ads address its USP from the customer’s perspective. So it makes lots of sense to advertise with inherent accountability and generate positive responses rather than waste money in brand advertising.