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Like the Idea of a Pet Sitting Business?

September 1st, 2017

When looking for home business ideas, it’s important to consider your hobbies and what you enjoy doing. As the famous saying goes, ‘choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’. For example, animal lovers should look into starting a pet sitting business and this is our topic of conversation for today!

According to recent statistics, there are 145 million happy and heathy pets across the US. Sometimes, owners will go on vacation or a business trip and they need somebody to look after their friends…this person could be you.

Quick Warning – Before launching into anything, make sure this is something you can see yourself doing day after day. Remember, this will become your life so don’t just do it because you think it will be ‘easy’. Although not essential, experience is helpful in a pet sitting business because you may be asked to look after reptiles, rabbits, and even birds in addition to the standard cat and dog requests. Of course, you could advertise your service for one or two specific animals but this immediately cuts down the target market.

Be Legal – Rather than starting a website and putting up some signs in the neighborhood, your first step should be to become a legal entity and this requires a business license. While some people forget this step, it will allow you to add gas and various other costs as ‘business expenses’ for tax purposes.

The Basics – Once you’re a legal business, then you can buy your supplies such as business cards and an appointment book. For pet sitting, the list of things you need to get started is actually much smaller than other home-based businesses.

From here, you can move onto pricing and refining your services. At this point, you should be researching your competitors to see what they offer and for what price. As a new entrant to the market, you might struggle for business if you charge more than the most experienced services. However, going too low can also be a bad idea because it suggests you don’t value the service. Therefore, it’s important to find the right balance.

Finding Clients – With pet sitting, it’s very much a local business so international marketing on social media isn’t a great idea. Instead, we recommend starting with the traditional route of flyers; make sure these flyers have everything potential clients need to get started including prices, services, etc. In addition to this, post flyers in local pet shops and even try ads in the local newspaper.

If you want to build a reputation, offer to look after the pets of friends and family members. If you do a good job, they’ll recommend your service to others and you’ll benefit from the best form of free advertisement around; word-of-mouth. Once your reputation grows, you might be able to win over local veterinarians who could keep business cards to hand to clients when appropriate.

Keeping Clients – In business, keeping existing clients will always be cheaper than finding new ones so be sure to keep all pets and their owners happy. If you’re visiting a home, arrive on schedule and keep their home respectable. If you can do this every single time, you’ll soon build a solid foundation of happy clients (and pets!).