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Watch Ads on Your Mobile and Get Paid

October 15th, 2017

If you’re currently investigating the idea of working from home, you’ll soon realize the biggest problem; the work can blow hot and cold. Of course, we would never put you off starting your own business and taking control of your life but you need a back-up plan for those slower months so you aren’t under pressure to get the bills paid. Today, we have some solutions and they’re as simple as can be!

GetLocket – Firstly, this mobile app is designed for Android devices and allows you to earn some extra money in your spare time. If you’ve heard this name previously, you probably heard the complaints that came with it; ‘you can’t earn enough money to supplement your income’. For a long time, this was absolutely true but the application has undergone some dramatic changes over the years.

Today, you can earn a cent for every single ad you view. At first, this seems a little disappointing but, let’s say you watch 25 ads per day, it soon adds up. What’s more, it takes very little effort and you can keep ads running on your phone while doing other things.

If you’re going to choose GetLocket, one of the biggest benefits will be the payout system. With some apps, you need to make $50 or even $100 before you can withdraw and this takes some time. With GetLocket, the minimum withdrawal is $10 and you can have the money in your hands quickly too.

As you might expect, this isn’t one that’s going to earn you a living but it might help to contribute towards some groceries when your home business has a quiet month. Even if your earnings are limited to a few dollars per month, this can go into a savings jar or you can put it towards something fun. If you make a conscious effort to visit a couple of times a day, it’ll soon be worth it.

AdMe – Secondly, this app places ads on your phone whenever you turn on or wake up your device. After showing on the lock screen, you can swipe it away and carry on with your business as normal. Depending on how frequently you wake your phone, you’ll earn a percentage of the revenue.

Initially, you’ll have the idea to keep waking up your phone to earn unlimited money but, unfortunately, the developers are wise to this. If you repeatedly lock/unlock your phone, there’s a good chance you’ll be banned because the idea is to earn money by using your device as you normally would.

Depending on how deeply you want to get involved with AdMe, there are three different modes you can choose from. If you’re looking for the most amount of money, we recommend selecting Double Screen’ mode as this will allow you to load both ads and the content feed to your lock screen. If you don’t mind the inconvenience of having these panels on your lock screen, this can be a good way to earn money.

In terms of payments, you can withdraw all your earnings through PayPal and, just like GetLocket, the minimum withdrawal is just $10. As soon as you make the request to receive your funds, it’ll come through at the beginning or middle of the month depending on which is closest. If you withdraw in the first week of the month, this should see the money come through on the 15th. If you request payment on the 17th, it should reach your account on the 1st.

Again, this app isn’t going to change your life but this isn’t what we’re looking for, right? Instead, you need something to earn a few extra dollars when the slow months come. As you withdraw, the money can enter a savings pot and it’s money that’s relatively easy to earn!