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The Honest Truth to the Work From Home Model

January 10th, 2018

For the longest time, people have been talking about how easy it is to work from home and make money. While this is true in terms of logistics, because of the internet and new technology, how accurate can the statement be in reality? 

With internet marketing in particular, the internet has become a web of lies (excuse the pun!) to trick people into spending some of their hard-earned money. Of course, we would love to believe we can earn an income by doing nothing as the many sites suggest but surely this can’t be the case? 

When we use the term ‘work from home’, the key word here is ‘work’ and this is something people forget far too often. If you don’t do the work, you’re, quite literally, just sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. If you think you’re going to earn a good amount of money doing nothing, or even just working an hour per week, it just isn’t going to happen. Rather than looking for the platforms that are promising the world, you need to research the ones that are honest and provide you with the tools you need to get started. 

If you have friends who now work from home, talk to them and discuss their journey. Ultimately, we could all sit at home and invest in tools that just don’t deliver but only the people who have seen success can give the real advice. For example, many experts say the real money will always be found in advertising; if you have previous experience in this market, it won’t be long before people know your brand. After starting up, you’ll need to work hard to get your name known to the world. 

Without experience in the niche, advertising can be tough to get right so we’re forced into paid advertising opportunities such as Google ads, PPC, PPV, paid solo ads, ezine ads, and others. When researching online, you’ll soon notice the diversity of online advertising. As we always say, the importance of reading previous customer reviews can’t be understated with advertising and paid programs. After launching your business, the early stages will be tricky and it might take some ad boards while also getting help from your friends. After friends of friends have shown interest and you’ve started to get a reputation, the whole process of growing the business should get easier. 

Coming full circle, the truth of working from home is that you WILL need to work. Despite what you might read, money doesn’t come for free. As long as your heart is in the business, you’ll find the journey enjoyable so this is something we recommend. If you aren’t passionate about your idea, you just aren’t going to see success because customers pick up on these things. 

‘The internet is just too crowded to make money these days’ – with seven billion people in the world, this is a silly statement. What’s more, only a certain percentage of people who start their business online work hard and see it through. If you can offer determination and a genuine talent, you’ll overtake thousands instantly so don’t believe in misconceptions like this. 

If you follow your dreams with confidence and determination, you’ll find the roadblocks are just a temporary issue that actually allow you to learn and become a better leader!