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Building a Website for Your Home-Based Business

April 9th, 2017

With the advancements in the internet and technology, it is now possible to build a work from home website and make money. Above everything, it is the website that stands as the most important factor though and you need to know what you’re doing here otherwise it will all go down in flames. Rather than going for all-out professionalism, your site also needs to have character and this is something that often gets forgotten.


After signing up to some work from home opportunities, you may be given a website. If you’re starting alone though, you should consider paying a professional for some help. In years gone by, this would be expensive but it is entirely affordable now. If you want to try and do it alone, at least use a template, either free or paid, to make your website look neat and attractive. Just like you, many web designers actually work from home so utilize their skills.


Consistency – Next, we should point out the importance of consistency within the layout itself. Ultimately, you don’t need to be telling everyone that you work from home so a professional layout will work as long as it is easy to navigate. Nowadays, we spend seconds assessing a site before deciding whether to click away or stay a little longer. With this in mind, your layout is crucial.


If you need an e-commerce section, we highly advise against doing this yourself. Instead, try a third-party service such as PayPal as this will be credible, reliable, and consistent. With PayPal and other payment processors, data protection will be cared for while you focus on what’s important. Depending on your budget, you could go for an all-inclusive piece of software or perhaps just an open source program. Regardless of which, the payment process needs to be easy and forgiving.


Hosting – Surprisingly, some people still choose to go for free hosting when the price of a domain costs less than one meal. If you want to see success, you need to invest a little and if you can’t invest here you will struggle to invest anywhere. Online, there are thousands of standard sites that use free hosting so set your service apart by using a unique domain name.


Cost – Depending on the amount of products you use for the e-commerce section, you could be spending less than $100 per year along with the domain registration. If you’re willing to do most of the work yourself, it will be more time-based but you should still know when help is required.


If you are going to build a work from home website, we wish you the best of luck. Despite what everyone seems to say, you can make money this way as long as you put in the hours!