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Key Take Aways on Working from Home

December 12th, 2017

After becoming a parent, we finally discover why it’s the best job in the world (despite the early morning screams and dirty diapers!). Traditionally, parents have some time at home with their child before being forced back to work but does this mean you need to leave the house? Well, perhaps not because there are now more ‘stay at home’ parent jobs online than ever before. 

In various niches – including online paid surveys, rebate processing, mystery shopping, data entry, and type at home – remote working is dominating. Every day, people are trawling Google for ‘mom work at home jobs’, ‘dad work at home jobs’, ‘mom jobs’, ‘dad jobs’, and more. While some are just hoping to supplement their partner’s income so they can stay at home for a little longer, others are looking for a home-based business they can build over time. 

Over the past few years, we’ve learned that online and home businesses are a hot topic over water coolers in the office. Within an office, it only takes one person to start their own venture and suddenly the idea is available for everybody. Let’s face it, it seems like the big dream in life is to work from home so it’s not hard to see why the idea gets attention. 

The Importance of Research – Ultimately, we couldn’t possibly overstate the importance of research here today because it underlines everything you’ll do in the coming months. Sometimes, people think they can join the first program they come across and earn money but this isn’t the case. Rather than jumping in without research, you should take notes, read the reviews of people who have used the program, and come up with a viable strategy for making money. 

Fair Warning – At this stage, we should give you fair warning because there are absolutely NO websites online that allow you to earn money for nothing in return. Often, programs are called ‘scams’ because the members expected to be driving a sports car within two weeks and this is problematic. When researching, look for those who offer a money-back guarantee because this provides security. Rather than reading the forum posts of people who put no effort into their business, you can test it for yourself (a free trial will work just as well!). 

As long as you stay on the right path during your research, you’ll see there are more than a few good programs out there. If possible, speak with people who have used these programs directly and you might just pick up some tips along the way. 

Work at Home – Just as the name suggests, all the viable work at home opportunities will require some form of work…at home. Assuming you’ve done your research, you’ll know this going in and you can ignore the false hype of people talking about ‘earn money for nothing’ programs. 

After choosing your dad work at home or mom work at home job, take it seriously and set aside some working hours during the day. While your newborn is sleeping, this is a perfect opportunity to check emails and earn some money. In the early stages, don’t put too much pressure on yourself but allow for a couple of hours per day. Later, when the routine is clear, your working time can increase and your business can grow!