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Knowing How Your Customers Buy is Crucial

January 16th, 2017

When working as a freelancer, there are some key priorities that need to be in place before success will be seen. For example, a sales plan needs to be established with a goal of selling exactly how the customers like to buy. With some selling techniques, they can be a little off-putting for the buyer and they can even drain important resources. Therefore, you need to know how customers buy and there are four main methods;

Traditional – In years gone by, people would like to know a little bit about the product and have any questions answered. For example, people need to know about laptops or cars before they buy and this leads to a bit of hand-holding and guiding the customer through the information. If this process can be automated for a business, this can be a huge step otherwise there will be a cost for resources.

Transactional – In this method, the customer is well-aware of what they need and they require no help along the way. As an example for this one, it would be a prescription or basic shopping. From your point of view, there is no complex system required because it would simply get in the way. Instead, the process can be purely self-service because the customer is happy with no interaction.

Consultative – Much like traditional, these customers need support but it is a little heavier here. Normally, it will come with customised purchases where multiple models need to be assessed. With a need in mind, the customer needs help finding the product to match this need. For a company, this can be expensive because the decision process is longer and people will be required to help nearly every customer. With these considered purchases, a dedicated sales team is required.

Enterprise – Finally, this is essentially the same as a consultative sale but one step higher yet again. Here, an explicit need requires a solution more than just ‘plug-and-play’. Rather than having a request, they have a problem that needs addressing without really knowing the best solution. With this in mind, the sales team will need to have knowledge in what they are talking about so that they can listen to a problem, assess the information, and then suggest a solution.

These are the four ways that people buy products or services; have you invested your time to learn which one your customers follow? Once you take a moment to look at it from the consumer’s point of view, you will gain a valuable insight into your business.