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How to Start a Solid and Lucrative eBay Business

November 20th, 2016

In recent years, there has been one term that has become synonymous with eBay – drop shipping. In this method of selling, the seller will sell particular goods without even having an inventory and without having to actually ship the goods themselves. In addition to this, more companies are now starting to go one step further by allowing someone to purchase a product and then drop ship them to the winning bidder. To keep things official, the company will normally use the eBay seller’s address for the return label so the consumer will never realise that it actually came from a different source. However, the actual supplier will handle packaging, shipping, and the returns.

One of the biggest advantages of drop shipping on eBay is that it requires minimum investment at the start because the initial costs will be extremely small. Unlike an offline business which would require staff, a factory, packaging materials, and more, a laptop and an internet connection is the core of the business. Thanks to the lack of inventory needed, drop shipping has taken off in recent years. As soon as the buyer pays, the order can be sent to the drop shipper who will handle the rest of the process. Until the item is sold, nothing has to be paid which severely reduces the risk of failure.

As this has become a trend, there have been a number of ‘middlemen’ popping up who will steal some of your profits so you will have to find a legitimate drop shipping partner. Also, try and steer clear of the guides that list a number of companies and addresses as they lack worth and are a breeding ground for these so-called middlemen. If you want to find a legitimate partnership, alibaba is a great place to start.

Currently, eBay is the largest portal for e-commerce on the planet and thousands of people are making a living purely off of selling or drop shipping on the platform. Around a decade ago, around three-quarters of a million Americans had their livelihood depending on their store on eBay and experts believe that this has only risen since. In addition to making a living, there are others who make side income and this figure was at one and a half million at the same time as the previous survey. Last year alone, $34 billion worth of products were sold on eBay by 150 million registered users.

Although there are many great things about starting a drop shipping business, one of the best has to be that no special skills are required. Of course, some products will be restricted according to eBay’s policies but nearly everything can be sold and there is a huge database to access as soon as you set up the store. In order for you to enjoy success, you will have to research the topic and weight up the pros and cons but there is no reason why you can’t join the hundreds of thousands who are making money online in this way.

With over one and a half billion page views every month, eBay is a hub of major activity and it is about time that you cashed in on this sort of traffic. As long as you complete your research and choose your products wisely, you can get started today and earn money anywhere in the world.