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Blogging To The Bank

August 19th, 2015

Do you like blogging? It’s a wonderful way to connect with your fan followers or build an emotional relationship with your existing as well as potential customers. You can also use it as a platform to share ideas or information related to your niche market and extend your reach to a large number of potential clients. Blogging platform is mainly provided by the two leading players in this field: the Blogger and WordPress. You can use any platform to setup your free blog, but these two blogging sites provide exceptional support to ensure your success in the blogging world.

Some bloggers prefer WordPress due to its hassle-free templates and overall automation, but we like Blogger for its simple and straightforward approach to technicalities of a website presentation. Therefore, Blogger is more suitable for beginners. No need to bother about the technical details of setting up a blog, we are just exploring the effectiveness of having a blog and their overall impact on your business. The organic search ranking of your business is the main reason why you should start a blog, but the opportunity to engage your potential customers is no less important…

1) Good search engine rankings

We believe that blogs provide better search ranking in comparison to launching a website from scratch. Once you regularly post quality contents on your blog, your blog moves higher in organic search rankings over a series of years. In a few years, you can receive organic traffic from all major search engines. Some marketing experts may not agree that blogs provide better search rankings in comparison to official websites, but our experience confirms the fact.

Unlike the HTML maintenance of your websites, you are not supposed to bother about any maintenance hassle for running your blog. This makes blogging much easier than running a website. If you want to post a new article on your blog, you have to just make a new page using any website builder software, put your content on that page and click the publish button to make your page live. In fact, blogging platforms have removed all the complications to make blogging easier. You are not required to write any script or do any HTML coding. Everything is done for you, and you can use readymade templates to publish awesome blogs. Regardless of your HTML knowledge, you can simply sign in to your blog, upload your content, ping the services of your blog, and you are all set to go.

2) You can sell effectively on blogs

Blogs make it possible to engage your potential customers and help them resolve their problems by using your products or services. You are supposed to be more actively involved in the problem resolution process of your potential visitors and fan followers. Most of the blogging websites have integrated autoresponders that inform your subscribers regarding new posts and upcoming events. Unfortunately, these integrated autoresponders are not designed to handle sales email or engage your customers to generate leads or close the deal. They mostly work as one-dimensional messengers, and therefore, you may need the services of an autoresponder website.

It pays to take your relationship at an emotional level and encourage your potential customers to buy products or services you recommend. Once you are accepted as a credible authority in matters related to your niche market, it’s not very difficult to sell your products and services because your blogs make you trustworthy. You can easily presell your products and services by designing squeeze pages and diverting traffic to your official landing pages and websites. Even simple posts with links to affiliated program produce very good results in terms of sales turnover.

Blogging is a proven and time tested methods of making money online. The good thing is that it’s incredibly easy to start and run your blog. Regularly posting quality content to your blog can guarantee huge returns in the long run.