5 Crucial Tips to Help You Focus on Your Home Business

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Let’s not beat around the bush, running a home business can be tough work. Not only is it hard getting your name out into the world, the environment is tough because it’s completely new. With all the distractions and sudden freedom, you might find it hard to focus on your goals. Therefore, I’ve compiled five superb tips here today!

In the past, I’ve seen freedom destroy many a business because people find it too hard to manage without the structure, leadership, rules, and deadlines. Regardless of whether you’re in a multi-national corporation or you’re starting a home business, these skills are critical even if they seem insignificant and a little frustrating.

For many years, I worked as a government employee and I despised the regimented nature of the work. Once I left my role and decided to start a home-based business, I felt rejuvenated overnight because I had pulled free from the many restrictions I had hated for so long (nearly 12 years). Despite thinking of myself as a time management and structure specialist, this was really tested when I started my job at home.

As an employee, I worked all day and studied for a Life Strategy and Business Coaching course in the evening which left little time for distractions. As I completed my education, I had saved enough money to leave my job and take on the world alone. At first, I thought it would be easy to maintain a similar level of discipline and structure but, to my surprise, it wasn’t easy.

Soon enough, the relaxed mind took over and my actions were dominated by my new carefree form of thinking. Instantly, I made basic errors like booking appointments in the middle of the work day; a 30-minute meeting disrupted two hours (or more!) of my working day. When my friends asked for a lunch date, I’d leave the house without hesitation because…well, because I could. Of course, I’d promise to make up the time in the evening but, by this point, I had no energy or concentration to work efficiently.

Furthermore, I noticed how I would purposefully leave my office door open ready to welcome the next distraction. Every night, I helped cook family dinner and sat with them for a while. When my personal phone rang, I would answer and talk for huge chunks of the day. With all these examples (and more I haven’t mentioned!), I soon realized I had lost the structure I thought would be easy to maintain. As you can probably guess, this cost me in terms of productivity and the progress my company was making.

Sadly, I put my life and everything else before my business and this led to a lack of productivity. After relaxing for so long, I left every deadline to the last minute and then scrambled to get them done. For someone who loved structure and organization, I had fallen into complacency in very little time because the responsibility was on my shoulders and my shoulders alone. If I eased up for even one day, there was nobody to pick up the slack on my behalf.


– Immediately, I made a promise to lose the carefree behavior and introduce new rules and a new structure. In the grand scheme of things, this period of the business shows as a small bump or a minor hurdle but it could have been very different. If I’d have continued down the path I was creating for myself, the lack of productivity would have put my business to bed and I would have been applying for jobs within no time.

If you’re starting a home-based business this year, I urge you to think about routine, structure, and rules. If you need help getting started, please feel free to use the following tips!

• When working at home, keep your office closed off from the rest of your home. During working hours, you aren’t available just as you wouldn’t be in any other job away from home.

• Once you’ve set working hours, make sure your family and friends are well aware of the rules. During these times, you aren’t to be contacted unless it’s an emergency. As your business progresses, they’ll respect this rule more and more even if it’s a little tricky in the early weeks.

• If you need to make appointments (doctor, dentist, or anything personal), make sure they’re all on the same day so only one day is disrupted rather than having a full week interrupted. Once this day is out the way, you have the rest of the week to pick up the slack.

• With no commute, you don’t have to get up quite so early in the morning but I still recommend sticking to a sleep pattern. If you stay up late, you’ll end up starting later and later in the morning until business takes a hit and you lose productivity.

• Remove all personal phones from your office area or set the device to ‘silent’ mode so you can’t be interrupted. At the end of the day, you can collect the messages and respond as you wish without your working day paying the price.

For some reason, people think a home-based business is different to a physical business but this simply isn’t the case. Within your business, you should be aiming for rules, structure, and discipline. If you can master these three areas, there’s no reason why you can’t see success.



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