4 Ways to Make Money Without Any Investment

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Many people get discouraged by the delusion that starting a business is expensive. Although, it may not be a complete fallacy, there are many business opportunities that require only your interest and creativity to get started. Does it excite you to know that you are about to discover some low-cost start-up business opportunities? A little research on your part will provide many start-up options, but we are going to discuss a few of them, which are really hassle-free way of starting a low investment business.

We are just trying to explain how you can use your creativity to manage available resources and start your business at a very low cost. So, let’s focus on some of the business opportunities that require almost negligible investment for running them:

Step 1 – Be a finder

You can start a business and provide your services as a professional finder. This business opportunity requires a very low investment, but you have to devote a considerable amount of time and energy to excel in this field.

You can offer your services to research and track down unique items like vintage automobiles, old vinyl records, rare books, classic wines and many more. People will never hesitate to pay your commission when you can help them find exactly what they are looking for. However, some research skill and shopping knowledge will be required to successfully run this business. Your profit potential will depend upon the value of the product and your efforts to track it down.

Step 2 – Cleaning and janitorial services

Cleaning and janitorial services are another very good choice when it comes to choosing low cost start up opportunities. The good thing is that you are not likely to face any critical low demand like scenarios in your business as a cleaner. Domestic cleaning services are one of the most demanded services, and you can optimize your earning potential by specializing in domestic cleaning. The cost of advertising in local newspapers or notice boards will be quite manageable. If you some skills to interact with the local community, you will develop a profitable business in no time. The growing list of loyal customers will allow you to expand your business over time.

Step 3 – Make use of online auction sites

You can organize local auctions and offer your auctioning services for a fee or start a business as an auction Lister. Many people wish to sell their unused items at reasonable price, but they don’t like the hassles of listing their products or putting them on yard sale. If you have good photography skills, you can offer your auction listing services for a fixed fee or certain commission on the sold items.

You just need a good camera and Internet connection to start listing the products of your clients for online or local auctions. However, your commission should be sufficient enough to generate a profit after deducting any listing fees or administrative charges that might incur on behalf of your clients.

Step 4 – Become a Distributor

A leaflet or coupon distribution business is another very low cost business. If you are willing to do some physical activity like walking, cycling, or traveling around your locality, you can easily start this business. You will not only earn by doing something really enjoyable, but also lead a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most of the coupons or leaflets are distributed through newspapers and magazine, but you can still get sufficient orders by contacting local businesses like home-improvement service providers, restaurants and other business start-ups. Your success will mainly depend on your ability to assure the prospective clients that your door to door interaction will really promote their business.



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      Thank you Sarma.

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        Hey Thomas, thanks for your comments. You have access to a LOT of free information on this blog. If you want to acquire deeper knowledge of a specific topic you can do a Google search and most likely learn a lot more about it. Then, you will need to invest in tools, services, platforms, etc. to create and run your business. That’s the nature of the beast … to make money you will have to make a time and money commitment and it’s up to you to decide on the type and nature. Good luck!


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