3 Simple Tips to Make $125 + Day with a Blog

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If you are looking for an online business opportunity that can deliver full-time income, then blogging is probably the best option. Although, there may be other options, but most of them will require you to invest heavily and run a real business to generate sufficient income and replace your current job. On the other hand, blogging makes your life easy by generating more money with least efforts. Once your blog becomes popular, it opens the doors to your financial freedom while providing lots of spare time to enjoy your life in a true sense.

In this article, we are going to discuss three tips to make your blog popular:

1. Create Posts around Search Phrases

The first rule of getting popular is ‘give people what they are looking’ for. Your blog should be rich in keywords related to your niche market. So, before you post anything on your blog, it’s very important to do some keyword analysis and make your content keyword rich. It’s the keywords that people use to search for information and if your articles don’t have those keywords, you are virtually invisible to your potential visitors. Fortunately, Google’s keyword tool provides everything you need to research and find specific phrases people use to search for required information.

Once your blog articles are keywords rich, you will get organic traffic and easily build a huge mailing list. Your success in monetizing the blog, promoting of affiliate products or making regular sales largely depends on the amount of traffic you receive from organic searches.

2. Create Quality Content

Posting quality content is probably the only way you can improve the organic search ranking of your blog or website, but the quality and reliability of your information also affect your credibility as a blogger. If you are posting creepy and unreliable information, it is going to eclipse your credibility, and nobody would like to accept your recommendations or buy products you offer. You will make very little sales and in most cases make no money from affiliate marketing.

Despite their desperate situations, people will buy your products or accept your recommendations only when you post authentic information. So, whether you are writing an article or making a video, always focus on the quality of your content. It pays to do some homework before creating your content.

3. Leverage Your Efforts

Once you start receiving some traffic to your blog, you should try to promote a bit more aggressively by leveraging your blog with social media. Make sure that your blog is properly monetized. You can offer banner and advertisement space related to your niche market, use squeeze pages, promote affiliate products or sell your own products and services.

Make sure that your blog is transformed into a solid system where low priority tasks are either outsourced or automated, and your efforts generate a more aggressive leverage for your online business.



  1. Tonita says:

    I am interested in knowing ways to make money online as i am very skeptic about being scammed and mislead. Yes im having some financial problems so Your guidance to online work is well appreciated.

  2. Bernadette McElroy says:

    I have been told a hundred times or more that I should start a blog. I have nothing to sell except my sense of humor. I have sent emails and people send them back telling me to start a blog.
    So I am a funny person, but how does that help me make money?

    • Marc Fields says:

      So … use your comic skills, share your stories on your blog and visitors will engage with you. You can then monetize your traffic with Google Adsense, ClickBank and Banner ads.

      Good luck!


  3. Raquel Clark says:

    can i make money on bilingual blog writing?English/Spanish

    • Marc Fields says:

      Of course you can … it is actually a nice way to get more visitors and readers as long as the quality is good.

      Good luck!


  4. Dianne Fisher says:

    I would love to write blogs I need more tpics and I am good

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