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Partner With A 800 Pound Gorilla

February 28th, 2016

There are 800 pound gorillas in affiliate marketing and Commission Junction is one of them. It is a part of the Value Click, a publicly held organization that earned $39 million last year from services to adverting agencies, email marketing, affiliate programs and miscellaneous marketing programs.

Several major brands like Citibank, Yahoo, Home Depot, etc. use CJ to handle their affiliate programs.

Can Commission Junction help you make money? Similar to majority of affiliate programs, the niche you choose to work in has major influence over your earnings potential as well as how well the CJ program matches your offer.

Recently, ran through the site and compiled a list of the main categories along with their average EPC (Earnings Per Click). Perhaps you remember that dividing the total commission payout by number of click gives us the EPC. Therefore, the EPC can help the publisher ascertain how profitable each click is. The 7-day EPC was what we used.

Also, only the top 10 advertisers in each category was scanned by the spider. And when you consider the fact that some advertisers are in more than a single category, the results could get skewed. Across all categories, an average of 56 cents was calculated per click.

A metric known as the TEPC or True EPC was created to measure the exact earnings of a single click, instead of the earnings of hundreds of click which companies use to make figures look bigger; companies such as CJ.

Note: only a part of the first five categories are on this list. The complete data is available at

Here’s a very interesting list by category:

Category True EPC / Top Ad & TEPC

  • Health & Beauty $ 0.76
  • Accessories $ 0.80
  • Computer & Electronics $ 0.87
  • Web Services $ 1.13 / Yahoo Hosting $ 3.75
  • Home & Garden $ 1.16
  • Life insurance $ 1.25 / American Life $ 2.98
  • Financial Services $ 2.41 / Get Smart $ 32.98


What exactly does this mean? It simply implies that if you own a site that gets visitors looking for things like Yahoo hosting, Awnings or Insurance, you ought to be a member of Commission Junction.

On a more general note, Commission Junction ads could be included if you feel you can get enough click through on web services, Insurance, Home & Garden or Finance.

What is the flip side of this data? Not all categories work well on CJ. You should look for a different option if your site is about things like weddings, commercial insurance, car travel or rental, handbags, or web service advice. This is because CJ won’t give you the best result in these categories because they don’t push well. Plus, people that would likely click on those ads, are not really attracted to CJ; therefore, you just won’t get the best.