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How To Make $200 Daily Right From The Comfort Of Your Home

January 31st, 2016

When was the last time you tried launching a marketing campaign for your online business … only to discover you were better off selling eBooks online?

I doubt you can still remember the number of times you had to try different promotions and gadgets, all in an attempt to boost your profits. It could be you are just like thousands of others who are trying to break free financially, but their effort isn’t yielding much result. It is quite understandable how tough it is out there, making money online. Maybe you have tried all you can, but never did make a cent online. All hope isn’t lost yet

In this post, I am going to reveal a simple strategy with which you can turn your hobby and passion into a money spinner. If you are looking for a quick hit and run technique, I am sorry you might be disappointed. But what I can assure you is that it works real well. Another interesting thing about this strategy is that it doesn’t really feel like you are working. So long as your passion is strong, and you have a sense of commitment to your community. Rather than feeling the burden of work, you will have a deep sense of accomplishment knowing you are sharing your knowledge with the world.

Before we begin, I would like you to know one more thing. What I am about to show you is much more than making $200 a day. It is about building a business brand that will meet the needs of your clients, and at the end of the day make you smile to the bank.

So here is a quick breakdown of the strategy

  1. Let what you love doing, be the center piece of your blog, business and brand. Find that thing you won’t mind doing for free every day, then get on with it. Pour in enthusiasm and energy into it, every single day of your life
  2. As much as you can, leave people better off after they meet you. Offer your experience and expertise to anyone who cares to know, and never expect anything in return
  3. Avoid the trap of seeing yourself as a blogger or author. See yourself more of a teacher in your chosen field of specialty

Now that you have acquired the basics, time to show you how to hit $200 every day. There should be a sizable amount of focus in you, and you must be willing to scale up whatever you have built. To maximize your success, re-purposing your content across different mediums is a must.

So let’s get started. Here are some routes to take in meeting your financial goals

1 Selling an eBook on Amazon ($2.99)

1 Coaching programs/webinar/teleseminar ($99 per month)

1 Selling audio books ($12.99)

1 Private coaching session ($499 per month/ $150 per week)

Also, designing an affiliate program for all the listed routes (with the exception of the first) is effective. Through affiliate programs, you get other people to promote your products and programs without really paying a dime. They only get a percentage for every sale made through their blog.

Practical free affiliate programs you can exploit is GUMROAD. Through it, you can reach a wider set of customers and clients through countless number of blogs belonging to others. You don’t need any special skill or connection to do this.

As a quick note: Turn your content into courses, and then structure them into curricula. Drafting curricula makes you look more professional, thus making it easier for people to want to learn from you.

On a good day, an eBook on can sell for $50 on Amazon. Coaching a group of 10 people can fetch you $1,000 every month, if your packaging is good enough

Let’s say you get five persons that sign up for your private coaching session. When you do the math, you will be making around $3,000 in two months. Okay, how about selling one audio book or eBook through different affiliate programs. That is like $1,000 every month.

If you want to make more than you imagined, you will have to get other professionals in your field, to partner with you. You will be amazed how much income you will be making. All that is required of your partners is just a few days’ work.

To make things easier choose just one particular subject area where you are really good at. It must be a niche you have expertise in. Next, build your marketing campaign entirely on this chosen area, and then watch how things will turn out. In no time, your annual income will start hitting six digits.

After all, nobody really loves working till they grow old, not unless they are in love with their work!