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Five Frequently Asked Questions about Good PTC Sites

October 28th, 2015

It is well-known that PTC or pay-to-click sites are the most simple and straightforward method of making money online. People generally waste their resources while surfing the Internet, but PTC sites offer a cool way to earn while enjoying all the funs of Internet surfing. The tagline ‘Get Paid to Surf Internet’ may sound very promising, but is it really so?

Unfortunately it’s not so great. There is nothing wrong with the concept, but recently large numbers of fraudulent companies have proliferated and it’s very difficult to find a truly legitimate PTC site.  Even if you know a genuine website, you will require hundreds of referrals to make any decent amount of money by joining PTC site.

Before you join any PTC site, you must evaluate whether the site is genuine or just another scam to waste your time and efforts. Consider the following five questions to differentiate the good PTC sites from scammers:

Is it too alluring to be true?

You must understand that businesses are there to make profit. They are not supposed to run their business for you. If their offer is too alluring, it means they are trying to make quick bucks and disappear from the scene. Better stay away from such sites.

What is the number of advertisers and the variety of ads?

PTC websites can pay you only when they are getting sufficient income from advertisers and sites that join their network. If you see a limited number of advertisers who are engaged in self-serving activities, it means the PTC site may default on its promise to pay you. The variety of ads are also a very critical factor in evaluating the viability of its business.

What is the feedback of others who joined the PTC site?

You may find valuable insights about the marketing company or PTC sites on their community forums and social media platforms. The users generally share their views and concerns regarding the company on forums. You will get a fair idea about the company. You can also do a search on Google by typing the site name plus scam. If the PTC site is doing something it shouldn’t, you will get that information on the first page of your search result.

If the website is supporting a forum or social media platform without interfering with the rights of expression, it’s an indication that site is trustworthy. However, explore what the users have to say.

Do you think that its ‘Terms of service’ is clear enough?

The terms, conditions, process and procedures are very important legal documents of any website. If the PTC website is not creditworthy, the site owner will hardly bother to invest in these documents. They may have copied the script from other websites. Obviously, their term and Frequently Asked Questions will contain wrong information like payouts or other contents.

Even if the documents have been edited, you will learn about the negative points of the website. For example, they might have a clause requiring you to maintain a hundred dollar balance in your account.

Do you think that the site is good and stable?

If you find that a PTC website is being hosted in subdomain or free domains like .nr, .co, .tk, etc., it means that the PTC site is not a very creditworthy site. A good PTC site will always have a paid domain. The layout and navigation of sites also matter. Good PTC sites will try to provide better navigation, comfortable browsing and spam-free access. They will up most of the time. These features indicate that the site owner has made a good investment for running an authentic business. If the financial position of these sites is not good, don’t expect that they will pay their members.

Before we conclude this article, you should understand that PTC websites won’t provide a decent income unless you are resourceful enough to recruit thousands of referrals. However, you can expect a pocket money by clicking ads during your spare time. Despite this limitation, PTC sites can provide more income to really sincere and smart users.

Here are a few well known and reputable PTC sites I have used myself: