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Unstoppable Facebook Income

May 30th, 2015

You may already be thinking that everything that can be said about Facebook marketing has already been said, but this is far from the truth. Other then fan pages, Facebook advertising and Facebook connect, there are other strategies that you can use to generate traffic and make money promoting your offers. The important thing is for you to engage your community and encourage them to participate in any events and activities that you plan on hosting, even if these events are only online.

Create Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is actually the predecessor of the Facebook Fan pages. While it’s true that Groups does not provide as much interactivity and flexibility compared to fan pages, these still have a certain appeal, especially if you’re interested in developing a community within Facebook.

Like fan pages, Facebook Groups allow the group members to interact with each other and discuss topics that they are interested in, share photos, videos, and links, and other such activities. Unlike fan pages that only allow the members themselves to become followers, Facebook Groups allow members to invite those in their network to join the group, thanks to Facebook Groups’ built-in “Invite” feature, and it even allows you to send messages directly into the inbox of the members of the group. Another perk offered by Facebook Groups is that the groups a person is a member of will appear on his or her profile page, providing an opportunity for more clicks, since other individuals can click on the group’s link on the profile page to see what the group is about.

The downside of FB Groups is that it limits the number of members who can be part of it. Currently, groups are allowed to have a maximum of 1,500 members. Should it surpass that number, Facebook will automatically remove the group owner’s ability to send messages to the group, practically rendering it unusable.

Hosting Facebook Events

Another great feature of Facebook that you can use to your advantage is Events. When you create a Facebook event, what you will essentially be doing is creating an interactive guest list where invited people can actually talk with each other, swap photos, videos, and links, and just about all of the other features offered by Facebook Groups. This can be a very good marketing tool if you’re planning on using this to promote a sponsored party, since this can create buzz about the event and make people excited about what they can expect from the party that you will be throwing. Furthermore, it also allows them to interact even after the event takes place, which can provide good marketing opportunities. Finally, hosting an event can also provide you with the opportunity to meet your client base face-to-face, which can also open several doors when it comes to marketing opportunities.

Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace is essentially Facebook’s version of classifieds listings. Much like other classifieds, Marketplace allows users to post ads in exchange for a small fee. What’s great about Marketplace is that unlike other classifieds websites, Facebook is pretty stringent with their no-spamming policy, so you are less likely to become a victim of a scam should you be interested in checking out some of the offers in Marketplace. Furthermore, since Marketplace is tied with Facebook, you will actually be able to see the profile of the person offering the deal, allowing you to get an idea about whether or not this individual is trustworthy enough to transact with.

Facebook Apps

Of course, a discussion about Facebook wouldn’t be complete without talking about the apps, especially Facebook games. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind Facebook, one reason why Facebook is such a hit among people is because of the games on the website. In fact, more than half of the user base of Facebook actually plays these games, with a large percentage of them actually playing these games on a daily basis. There are even users who are willing to shell out money in order to get the exclusive in-game items, silent testament of just how influential these apps have in these people’s lives.

Given these, it comes as no surprise why online marketers and manufacturers are now also tapping into these apps and games in order to advertise the products and services they’re selling. They can have apps specifically designed for them or coordinate with publishers of existing apps and games to have them inject the company in the application in some form or the other (like the company’s logo appearing on an in-game billboard, or an exclusive in-game item that resembles a piece actually designed by the manufacturer).

If you want to have a Facebook app made exclusively for you, be prepared to hire a developer to build this. This will mean spending money in order to get the app that you want. Even so, the pay-off that you can potentially get is lucrative enough that other marketers and manufacturers are willing to fork over the money with little to no complaint.

Facebook Contest

If you don’t want to have to create an app but nonetheless want to generate as much activity as what you can get by launching an app, a great option that you can take would be to run a contest on Facebook. Lucky draws are always a good choice, as are contests that allow other members to vote on which entry they feel deserves to be the winner. These contests are easy to hold and easy to manage, so you shouldn’t experience that much difficulty in managing these. You don’t even have to spend a lot on the prizes you will be offering. Small tokens or great deals may be all you need to give away as prizes. In exchange, you can potentially enjoy several benefits, including, including creating buzz among your target audience regarding your company, building customer trust, and encouraging interaction between you and your followers.

As the biggest website today, Facebook offers a lot of marketing opportunities and benefits that you can take advantage of and even have fun pursuing. However, while investing your time and money on the social network site can lead to a great pay-off, do bear in mind that Facebook is not the only tool that you can use to obtain your objectives. Don’t become so focused on this social networking website that you end up ignoring all of the other options available to you to drive traffic to your site, build a community, and generate sales and conversions.