Work at Home as a Manicure Specialist

January 22nd, 2018 No comments »

With more work at home opportunities than ever before, it’s becoming easier to find a role that suits both your skills and passions. For example, have you considered starting a manicure service? Whether you already own a cosmetology license or would consider getting one, this doesn’t limit you to a salon. Since consumers are looking for more relaxed environments, you can have people come to your home for a manicure or, alternatively, you could travel to their home for the service. 

Getting Started – In truth, the startup costs can be low with this idea and the main hurdle you’ll face at the beginning will be the license. Once you have this, it should be posted wherever you plan to provide the service; if travelling from location to location, make sure you have a copy with you at all times. 

After this, the next challenge would be keeping on top of money. These days, there are some superb programs and apps online, such as QuickBooks, that allow you to track all incomings and outgoings for your business. In addition to this, make sure you keep all receipts and buy a diary so you can track all appointments and keep customers happy. If you want to keep your business separated from your personal life, it might also be worth investing in a business phone number. 

Gathering Supplies – Once all the basics have been set up, you can then look towards the supplies you’ll need as well as planning how you’ll transport them from one client to the next. As well as your appointment book, you’ll need polish colors, nail polish remover, manicure tools, cotton balls, towels, a receipt book, and more. 

Being on the Road – Admittedly, travelling on the road won’t be for everybody and it probably doesn’t fall within the confines of WAH job but you’ll still be in control of your hours, appointments, and every other feature of the business. For your customer, having a professional come to their home is ideal because they feel comfortable and they don’t have to worry about getting home with perfectly-manicured nails. 

If you’re considering this type of business, the travelling can also be advantageous because you won’t have people coming and going from your own home on a daily basis. Furthermore, the money you pay for gas will be written off for tax purposes; in order to do this, you’ll need to keep records of how many miles you drive for work. Also, working at home can be a little isolating so being on the road prevents this. 

Advertising and Growing the Brand – In truth, there are thousands of ways you can advertise your brand from leaving your business cards in local stores to creating a profile on the likes of Facebook. From here, network with people in your life whether it’s other parents at your child’s school, former co-workers, co-workers of your partner, people at your gym, and more. As you share your name around the area, and customers recommend your service to others, you’ll keep growing until you have a full appointment book. 

Summary – All things considered, a manicure service is a great way to control your career doing something enjoyable. Rather than paying extortionate rates to open a salon, you can take the more flexible path and have fun meeting all types of people. If your book keeps growing too far, you could even hire an apprentice!